Coalition of African American Pastors

CAAP Meets with Sen. Rand Paul to Dis...

paul Recently, CAAP met with Senator Rand Paul to discuss those issues that are most important to our community. The conversation ranged from opinions expressed regarding the government and the Bundy standoff to key social justice issues at the heart of CAAP’s mission, such as putting an end to sentencing inequities. The meeting was not an e [...]

Capitalism Institute Highlights Holde...

holder CAAP’s ongoing effort to hold Attorney General Eric Holder accountable for abandoning his duty to defend the law and the Constitution in favor of undermining marriage and forwarding the homosexual agenda continues to draw attention. Recently, the Capitalism Institute highlighted our effort, quoting Rev. Owens extensively and offering su [...]

Video: The Attack on the Black Family

View_of_Crowd_at_1963_March_on_Washington When we talk about the effects of same-sex marriage, we always come back to our two highest values–faith and family. It seems so obvious that the destruction of traditional marriage is yet another blow to the black family, with untold harm for our children. And yet, there are some who still don’t understand the importance of this [...]

Register for the March for Marriage

march 2 The March for Marriage will be on June 19th in Washington, DC. For more information about the March, see this information page or go the March’s main website here. CAAP will be holding a few special events for our partners, friends, and family, so please don’t forget to register.   #form-7-1406857251 { width: 600px; text-ali [...]

March for Marriage 2014

march pic Join us in Washington DC and March for Marriage on June 19, 2014! For basic information on the March for Marriage, you can visit the main website here. Schedule information, speakers, and more are here. In addition, CAAP will be holding a few special events for our Partners, friends, and family. Don’t miss a single update. Sign up belo [...]

Speaking Truth on a Terrible Trend

boy The marriage movement is not about politics … it’s about preserving the family It has come to my attention that there are some serious misconceptions as to why I’m so passionate about defending traditional marriage. This is not about politics. And it’s not about Left and Right and the various parties. Let them fight ov [...]

Situational Ethics in the 21st Centur...

question-mark By Tim Erson A photographer is asked by a hunting club to take pictures of hunters as they pose next to the animals they’ve shot. The photographer is a vegetarian and thinks that hunting is cruel. He turns down the work. Do the hunters have a right to sue the photographer for turning down the work? A baker/cake decorator is asked to dec [...]

Owens on Fox News: AG Holder is Lawle...

480px-Eric_Holder_official_portrait Our campaign to impeach Attorney General Holder continues to gain support and attention. Recently, Rev. Owens appeared on Fox News to discuss Holder’s agenda, his bullying tactics, and why his lawless actions make him deserving of impeachment. Watch the video below, and if you haven’t already done so, be sure to sign our petition [...]

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