Coalition of African American Pastors

Embracing Conservative Principles

There is a need for the larger community to appreciate true conservative philosophy.  I want to offer you a critical analysis of how I view conservatives by providing you a thought provoking set of essays.  I believe there are more conservatives out there but no one has given you a clear reason to consider a shift in your life’s philosophy.  Please notice I said philosophy and not politics! I want you to re-examine and then embrace conservative principles, and find freedom; success and a means for blessing those with whom you live. In the political world there is a battle between liberals and conservatives.  Each group has spent time demonizing the other.

I hope to inform the reader about why Black America needs to embrace conservative principles.  Being an African American, it is hard to express conservative views in public.  In spite of the fact that most black people are mostly conservative and religious we cling to a more liberal philosophy.  For too long, there is a stigma of racial insensitivity and culture bias that conservatives have endured.  Then conservatives have too often claimed the moral high ground and deny others the same privilege.  Really both sides are guilty of the same!

I want to dispel the misnomers and generalities about those who have conservative principles. I want you to know the love, and genuine commitment of conservative persons.  Conservatives are grounded in truth.  Too often, conservatives are accused of being less than progressive or compassionate to those less fortunate.  There is something dynamic and powerful about being grounded in truth.  God established the world and announced it as good and that was truth.  Satan changed the idyllic world that God created for his purposes.  Possibly, that is the original difference in conservatives and others, our philosophy and actions are grounded in godly order and the first principle: human respect.

May I speak a clarion thought to you?  Will you listen to another side of the issues that are principled but only for the purpose of holding the line, preserving status quo, a set of existing conditions, institutions or habits.  Key terms like traditional and orthodoxy are recklessly used by pseudo conservatives without good definition or intellect.


In today’s society, so much unnatural and strange behavior holds the attention. The greedy and prejudice, whether liberal or conservative block the proven and positive truth from being realized.  That which is circumspect, natural and basic looses out to ideological and political strategies.  No true conservative loves money and puts money first and then people last.  That brand of conservatism is born of selfishness and promotes personal advantage.  I admit we see too much of that daily.  That’s when liberals feel compelled to speak loudly, and bring humanism or corrupted standards as a proposed answer.

Hence, the political solution is selected over the godly and simply decent thing to do.  Bad politics tends to separate the human family of God and seek its own wellbeing.  The realities become personal and political advantage, as in arguments about differentiated taxation, racial prejudicial or demeaning social standards that demand governmental regulation, in spite of community needs.

My task is to appeal to you and purpose a correct and not the politically correct solution.  For instance, the US Constitution is a document of principles but it is over 200 years old.  The task of both liberal and conservative thinkers is to properly interpret what the Founding Fathers intended.  I know you want the truth and not a political answer.  Whether I speak about taxation, regulation, social or civil rights, you need the truth.  From this seat, my goal is to always tell you the truth!  Truth is the first principle!  Truth is a conservative principle!

Bishop David Allen Hall

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