Best 80 Tips For Promotional Product Journals

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Are you looking for innovative methods to promote your products using attractive journals? Do you want your customers to remember your brand each time they jot something down in those notebooks that you provide? Do you want to publicize your products and offer the best journal to your buyers? Then, please read this article to discover some ideas related to this.

In this write-up, we have provided as many as eighty different ideas and tips for creating promotional product journals that will not only make your brand popular but will be a special attraction for the customers when they buy products from your brand. Please read this account further to get a detailed description of these tips.

  1. Recycled – Using recycled paper is a great way to support sustainable development and prevent wastage of our natural resources.
  2. Writing Box – Providing a box that holds the journal and a pen is a compact idea.
  3. Bookbound Journal – This gives the impression of possessing a personal book of your brand.
  4. Colourful – Make your journals multi-coloured and attractive.
  5. Mono Color – Journals of solid colours serve aptly for official purposes.
  6. Bookmarks – Include various types of satin or ribbon bookmarks to aid your customers’ organization.
  7. Pockets – Flaps on the journals come in handy most of the time.
  8. Fabricated – The fabric material gives the journals a traditional look.
  9. Adhesive Pen Loop – This type will keep the writing pen in place always.
  10. Inserts for Pens – This is another way to hold the pens with the journal.
  11. Various Sizes – Journals of different sizes can serve different purposes for the customers.
  12. Various Shapes – This will be a trendy alternative.
  13. Blank Pages – Some customers like it simple.
  14. Coloured Pages – Giving the pages a sober and light shade is a good idea.
  15. Lined Pages – The lines drawn will help the customers to jot their thoughts better.
  16. Mixed Pages – You can keep some pages blank, and some lined to serve both purposes.
  17. Classic Spiral – These are useful and basic spiral journals.
  18. Keyboard Notes – These are very useful to find the right page in less time.
  19. Printed Inserts – One or two enhance the journals’ looks.
  20. Card Stock Tabs – These are essential to hold vital cards.
  21. Card Sleeves – The visiting cards suit best in these sleeves.
  22. Plastic Sleeves – Include plastic sleeves to give your journals a sophisticated look.
  23. Clip-in Bookmark – These bookmarks are easy to use and relocate.
  24. Pocket Folder – The folders made of pockets help to organize better.
  25. Dry Erase – This is the modern journal with UV-coated pages that get erased on brushing by hand or the supplied magnetic eraser.
  26. Leather Journals – These journals look stylish, and are very functional.
  27. Refillable Leather Journals – The used pages can be detached and one can refill new ones.
  28. Side Scorings – These enable easy opening of the pages.
  29. Hardcover – These make the journals appear rigid, although soft to touch.
  30. Multi-Set – You can include two to three journals of different sizes to form a set.
  31. Sewn Binding – You can opt for stitched bindings.
  32. Commuter Journals – These are the classical notebook-type journals.
  33. Metallic Color – The journals have an extra shine on the covers.
  34. Denim Fabric – Choosing the ‘jeans’ material is an excellent option.
  35. Bamboo Notebook – The bamboo touch cover is a classical idea.
  36. Sticky Notes – These colourful flags come in handy for organizing the information.
  37. Camouflage – Selecting this pattern for the journal’s cover gives it a stylish look.
  38. Zipper – Enclosing the journal in a chained case makes it look compact.
  39. Thumbs-Up – It would look very trendy if the closer is in the shape of a thumbs-up sign.
  40. Multi-Fold – This is a spacious option.
  41. Dual Color – Two tones on the journal cover give an official look.
  42. Printed Pages –You can provide customized colourful pages as fillers.
  43. Over The Edge – These are new era journals where the design is covered over the edges.
  44. Translucent – This is a great idea for altering the journals’ looks.
  45. Heathered – This is done by interweaving two different fabrics.
  46. Saddle Stitching – This makes the cover look neat.
  47. Bound Strand – This can hold the pages if they get loosened.
  48. Soft Bound – This delicate journal can be the right choice for ladies.
  49. Wood Grain – This longitudinal pattern of wooden fibres gives a traditional look to the journals.
  50. Glitter – Make the journals look even more stylish with the shiny sparkle.
  51. Ivory – Choosing this material is a great choice for the journal covers.
  52. Phone Pocket – This is an innovative idea for keeping the phone handy.
  53. Magnetic Closure – These modern journals are very easy to open and close.
  54. Marble Bound – This matches the purpose of gifting.
  55. Elastic Pen Loop – This keeps the PEN in place when the journal is not in use.
  56. Debossed – These journals have a three-dimensional look.
  57. Engraved – A design engraved on the journal is a great choice.
  58. Laminated – These types of glossy covers make the journals look fashionable.
  59. Window – Categorizing the journals with a logo popping out is apt for organizing them.
  60. Padded – These give the journals a softer touch.
  61. Accessories Set – You can include pens and sticky notes to make a complete set.
  62. Wireless Charger – This contains a wireless charging pad for charging the phones on the go.
  63. Snap Closure – Like the magnetic closure ones, these journals are also easy to access.
  64. Stylus Pen – These pens are useful and look sleek.
  65. Rubber – The rubberized cover increases the smoothness of the cover.
  66. Non-Woven – This fabric gives a nice texture to the journal covers.
  67. Semicircular Flap – This gives the journal an envelope look.
  68. Thermal – The cover is made up of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), a type of soft plastic.
  69. Colour Changing – This is an interesting type that changes colour when exposed to heat.
  70. Striped Edge – This gives a modern look to the journals.
  71. Notch – These journals have a triangular cut on the covers.
  72. Tie and Dye – This is the latest pattern and would look great on the covers.
  73. Zipped Pouch – The entire journal is placed inside a zip pouch to keep it clean.
  74. Device Stand – This journal is convertible to a device stand.
  75. Wrap Around – This has front slip pockets on both sides.
  76. Accessory Kit – Rulers and paper clips can also accompany the journal.
  77. Elastic Pockets – The elastic flaps can be used for storing visiting cards or phones.
  78. Sequin Cover – This gives an embellished look to the journals.
  79. Woollen – This type is made from blending wool and leather.
  80. Tuck Flap – This is a trendy-looking design with a flap cover similar to folders.