Great Gadget Finds For Work

Great Gadget

Isn’t it fun to have such cool gadgets to bring to work? It makes work more interesting and exciting rather than just using regular gadgets that only does its purpose. In this article, we will be listing a few but cool office gadgets that you will really take an interest in.

  1. Zipper Bookmark – this crazy fun tool is such a good way to keep your books look brand new. Also, these bookmarks will not easily be lost among the pages of the book.  You can easily spot it and start from where you last finished.
  2. Multi – purpose Water Tower – this gadget can hold your water so you will always be reminded to drink your water and the top is like a small dish which can hold plants or snacks and other small things you would like to keep an eye on.
  3. Prism magnifier – this magnifier not only helps you read small letters of notes or books but is also a beautiful piece of decoration you can add on your desk top. With a prism design, this will surely catch the attention of your officemates.
  4. Multi – use Contractor Tool – this tool is an all in one tool designed for contractors and other profession related to their field of work. With one tool that has a built in ruler and pen, you won’t ever be worried if you think you forgot something at home. This is very handy and it will really take a lot of weight off your bag.
  5. Cool Mist Humidifier – you can never really avoid hot summer days at work but you can have a solution to this by getting yourself your own cool mist humidifier that makes hot weather be a breeze. It is USB powered which makes it easy to use.
  6. Spaceman Illuminator – this cute little device can be plugged right in your laptop or computer. It gives off a faint light that helps you see your keyboard at night and has a really cute design of a spaceman floating in space, too.

These little things could really have a big impact in your work environment. These things give your own desk space some personality so when people walk by, they automatically know that it’s your table. Now you can say goodbye to old and boring things at work and say hello to your own personalized space.

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