Household Craft Industry: Decorating Home Interiors with Natural Fibers

Household Craft Industry: Decorating Home Interiors with Natural Fibers

Crafts from natural materials are already a legacy, especially in the Archipelago, where natural resources are abundant, so what can use them to make handicrafts and home decor products? Various groups in foreign countries have indeed recognized the results of Bali Home Decor handicrafts because the handicrafts that are made have multiple forms. The cultural wealth in Indonesia is one of the things that has led to the emergence of the diversity of Nusantara handicraft products. Craft materials from nature are scattered throughout the Archipelago.

Natural fiber crafts are crafts made from plant fibers. The materials used to make this craft usually come from the leaves and stems of certain plants that have the thread. Material selection must also pay attention to the quality of the plant itself so that who can determine the level of strength, flexibility, and durability of the material. One of the galleries provides handicraft products, furniture, and home decor made from natural fibers, namely the Bali home decor online shop. The gallery, which is located in Bali, Indonesia, has succeeded in creating various kinds of home decoration items made from natural fibers with a design theme that is trending and popular with the public, namely the Tropical Bohemian Style.

Looking at the current interior design trends that embrace many Scandinavian and bohemian styles with tropical nuances, this workshop, founded in 2000, tries to innovate in the design of its products. Fiber materials used to make home decor products with natural methods and retain their original colors are now made more attractively. Interior decorating knick-knacks combined with furniture made from mahogany wood and vintage pastel colors as complementary decorations for homes with contemporary designs. With a sales system for ready stock and custom colors and sizes, and can accommodate almost all models of shapes to sizes of home decor products according to the wishes of consumers.

Several types of decorative items made from natural fibers produced by Home Basket Bali are diverse, ranging from furniture such as rattan chairs, stools, benches, and storage to several types of placemats, rugs, and baskets to wall decor knick-knacks. These products are made from woven natural raw materials, such as pandanus, water hyacinth, mending, lard fiber, rattan, and bamboo, which have been processed and woven by experienced craftsmen so that the quality and durability of the products are guaranteed.

Before being produced into various kinds of products, they will process all types of raw materials into semi-finished products, which are then woven by the skilled hands of artisans. This matting will be combined with various supporting materials according to the product to be made. After completing the forming and assembling process, the semi-finished product will go through the final process, namely the finishing process.

Balinese Traditional Crafts

Bali has several products produced by traditional handicrafts or home industries that are typical and are quite a commodity to be reckoned with, both for local circles, the Archipelago, and even for export purposes.

Various handicraft items are in demand by tourists who are on holiday on the island of the Gods of Bali and eventually become export commodities.

Bali does have a reasonably high chance of introducing various traditional handicrafts to the international world because tourists who travel to the island of Bali can be a good opportunity for artisans to present their products.

Each region certainly has its characteristics regarding home production which is the craft of the local population, as well as Bali, and several places produce unique handicrafts in that region. Some regional skills that are pretty popular include;


This traditional woven craft is quite famous for daily needs and for the needs of tools for religious ceremonies, traditional ceremonies, seat covers, and even bed covers.

Several Balinese practices the craft of weaving. This home production is indeed quite promising and has even been exported abroad. The woven materials used are pandanus, bamboo, rattan, straw, palm leaves, and data.

Handicrafts are produced in bags, wallets, baskets, mats, single chairs, and even statues made in a classic and natural style. They appear unique and beautiful as handicrafts from the Balinese area contribute a lot of foreign exchange.

Balinese Painting

Balinese painters’ works of art are distinctive paintings with different characteristics from other pictures, have attributes with high artistic value, and the strokes are clear and firm.

The craft is elegant, with attention to every detail done with a great feeling. So that this Balinese craft is in great demand by tourists; from the appearance of the painting, you can already tell that the work of art is a Balinese painting because of the characteristics displayed.

You can find these paintings in almost any art market. And one of the famous places is the classic wayang painting in Kamasan, Klungkung.

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