How Do I Choose Parenting Books From My Bookshelves?

How Do I Choose Parenting Books From My Bookshelves?

The selection of good parenting books is also a very tiring process. I am a child educator and I need books to learn new approaches for teaching children.  I usually follow my selection process to find the best parenting book related to child care and development. Children in kindergarten are below age four. It is very difficult to deal with children of these age groups without learning the learning and thinking capability of such children. As a researcher, I have the opportunity to experience the observations of children’s behavior at different stages of development. My research and bookshelf help me a lot in finding interesting ways to teach children in kindergarten.

I choose books for my bookshelf by following these steps.

1.Quick Browsing Through Book

When I go to the library and find a book with an interesting title. I take it from the shelf and start rolling its leaves. I go through from the author to the contact list and analyze the theme of the book. The author’s credentials are also important to me. I take a look at the contents and open the most interesting one. I  go through the method applied, aim, and findings. This quick overview helps me identify that this book is beneficial for me or not. Sometimes, I read the preface too in best parenting book.

2.Search On The Internet

I usually research authors and books on the internet. I perform a review analysis. I usually read all reviews on the internet and note the critical points in reviews. Sometimes, the author also shares her observations during his study about children that grow under her examination. Internet research is also important to find the credibility of the writer and his books. Sometimes, the authors give tips for reading his book to take advantage of her research. The internet is a powerful source to search for an author and publisher. The authors also share their experience while writing the piece of information present in your hand. The most interesting things from internet research are the writer’s personal views in the best parenting book that I like most.

3.Spirit Of Book

For me, the content is the spirit of a book. I usually read selective books due to my busy schedule. I do keen research before indulging into the content reading. As I  already know the theme, I feel more motivated while reading the content of the book. A step by step book is easy to implement on children under my supervision. I usually adopt one approach at a  time. I usually follow the experience of the author and my learning to find the best results in children’s development. I record the progress of development in children by assessment advised by the author. Sometimes, I also apply my assessment methods to relate progress and learning behavior. My favorite subjects are cognitive and social development. You can take this procedure for your favorite one.


Material, method, and procedure are the most important things that are applied to study the behavior of children and their other capabilities. I usually apply two things from the author and one from my observation. The best parenting book is good to understand behavioral changes at different stages of the study.

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