How Does Your Office Space Affect Productivity?

How Does Your Office Space Affect Productivity?

Not only can your surroundings influence how you work and keep organized, but it may also influence your attitude and demeanor. Take a look at these seven empirically supported aspects that could affect the way your team performs and feels during the day:

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The catch here, of course, is that individual preferences vary dramatically; while one person may be at peak productivity, another may be cold, and yet another may find the office too hot to concentrate. To determine the highest value for your own team, you’ll have to experiment and tweak from this average.


Examine your office lighting, especially the amount of natural light you allow in. People have been demonstrated to be happy when exposed to bright light on a daily basis, lowering anxiety and depression. Additionally, adequate illumination can help to prevent the emergence of computer vision syndrome.


Hundreds of studies have been conducted to see if music is genuinely useful at increasing productivity: Some people believe it is, while others believe it is merely a distraction. The present level of agreement is near the middle.


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Color psychology is a contentious subject, yet there is evidence that different hues can affect employee morale and productivity in different ways. Blue, for example, is thought to be solid and relaxing, making it easier for workers to de-stress and rest. Green is supposed to help employees stay productive by reducing eye fatigue. Red is associated with evoking emotion and intensity, making it an excellent choice for highly competitive teams.

Noise in the Environment

Although total silence isn’t always beneficial to productivity, auditory disturbances can reduce it by as much as 66 percent when you’re exposed to neighboring conversations, distracting noises like a noisy shopping cart, or a public service message over the loudspeaker.

Are These Modifications Sufficient?

Adjustments in any of these areas can raise your team’s total productivity, but keep in mind that they may not be the most significant changes you can make; after all, employee morale has the ability to boost production by 20 to 25%.

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