How is keyword research related to search engine optimization (SEO) for a local small business in Hong Kong?


Many would initially think once the local HK business has launched its first company website, the SEO keyword research must begin. This is only half correct. The right thing to do is that a thorough keyword research should have been done even before the planning of the development of the company website in the first place. A SEO company with advanced experience in planning and running search engine optimization projects for local Hong Kong businesses would tell you so.

Any SEO specialist would tell you having sufficient keyword research work done is important. In the old days, a Hong Kong small business could have focused on only a few keywords for the entire company website, or 1-2 keywords for a single page. This approach hasn’t been working well all the time, especially in recent years. The reason behind is that Google has advanced in its search ranking algorithms and web crawler (Googlebot).

Let’s examine the tips below when running a keyword research, as the choice of the keywords for your Hong Kong based business would not have been any guess. It is upmost important to use the most appropriate keywords for each page to align the topics.

Tip 1: You must know your audience’s exact issues. Let’s go back to think about this: Your end goal is to get visitors to your site from Google’s and Yahoo’s organic search results pages. To do that, you will need to present the exact solutions within the main content on the particular web page on your website. But how are you going to successfully match the two sides? To achieve this effort, you will first need to know what your audience need. Once you have the exact idea, you can match their search queries with the topics.

Tip 2: You have to use the language of your audience. Not all end users are familiar with your industry-specific or niche-specific languages or jargons. Even when they do, they don’t always speak or search in such a way. Make sure you can speak in the language of the majority of your audience in order to be able to capture the search queries.

Tip 3: Understand the importance of local SEO by capturing the search queries that are targeted specifically to some local regions (such as Hong Kong, or in more granularity some of the local areas in HK including Wan Chai, Central, Kwun Tong, Tsim Sha Tsui, etc).

Tip 4: Make use of SEO keyword tools. Even the keyword data that you can always get from those free tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends would be helpful.

Tip 5: From time to time, you can do some demo searches on Google/Yahoo, and observe the search results that are returned to you. This lets you to act like any of your users/audience, and put you in their shoes.

Tip 6: It is not always those typical search queries that you must try to capture. Depending on the nature of your local business in Hong Kong, your audience may search using very different keywords in different seasons of the year. Only you are highly familiar with your industry and product. So build up a keyword strategy based on the demands of your audience in different seasons including Christmas, Mid-autumn festival, Chung Yeung, Ching Ming, Easter holiday, Buddha’s birthday, Labor day, etc.

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