How to Create a Synthetic Ice Rink

How to Create a Synthetic Ice Rink

The great thing about synthetic ice is that it can be installed and used just about anywhere. All you need is enough space, a flat, hard surface, and some high-quality synthetic ice panels. Once you figure out where you want to set it up, you will be ready to go. It is not very difficult, here is how you can do it:

Decide On Your Area

Since the flooring panels are lightweight and can be linked tougher, you can choose how big, or small, you want to build your rink. Keep in mind that if you choose to build a small rink you might not have enough room to skate freely. Although you might have a smaller space, satta matka you can still practice shots and stickhandling techniques. In any event, choose where you want to install your flooring. Make sure that it is a hard, flat, and level area.


You may or may not need subflooring. It all depends on what you intend to build your skating rink on. If you want to build your flooring on top of carpet, or on the lawn you may want to lay down a layer of sub-flooring so that you can have a solid underlying platform for your skating rink. In the case that you need subflooring, purchase enough treated plywood to cover the area that you want to install flooring on then lay the boards down flat. Make sure that you use some kind of tape to cover the gaps between the boards so that the flooring doesn’t cave in where the gaps are. It is important to have a neat and clean surface to build your rink on.

Measure Out Your Area

The best way to get an idea of how many panels it will take to cover the area that you want to build your skating platform on is to measure it out first. Just a refresher: if you multiply the length of your area by the width of your area you will be able to find the square footage. When you have the correct numbers you can choose how many boxes of tiles or panels that you want to purchase. Once you know what you need, order your supplies and move on to the next phase.

Installing Your Flooring

Some of the things that you might need to install your flooring are:

  • A rubber mallet
  • Gloves
  • Creativity
  • Positive attitude

Once you have your flooring panels and are ready to go, start in the middle of the flooring area and work your way out. If you try to install the panels from the outside in, you will most likely end up with a gap in the middle. Start from the center by laying down a panel, then connecting the next one to it. Work outward, in an even fashion by placing one up, one right, one left, and one down so that you cover the area in a circular motion. Use your rubber mallet to tamp down any edges that stick above the surface.

Take your time and make sure that the connections are secure and that there are no gaps.

Enjoy Your Rink

Once you have the flooring installed go over the whole area one last time and make sure that everything is flat and seamless. Once you are satisfied with the quality of the flooring, go ahead and break out your skates, it is time. The great thing about synthetic ice flooring is that it is versatile enough to accommodate a hockey passer and a hockey shooting tarp. With these tools, you can practice your strongest game and keep yourself in tip-top shape.

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