Lincolnshire: Cheapest Places to Buy Property

Lincolnshire: Cheapest Places to Buy Property

Lincolnshire sits on the east coast of the country surrounded by many other counties, north of Cambridgeshire and east of Nottinghamshire. It has a Dutch feel to the landscape being very flat, which has the benefit of being able to see for miles but the negative of being susceptible to flooding.

As far as properties go, it can be one of the cheaper areas of the UK and in this article we will in fact look at the 5 cheapest places in the county to buy a 3 bedroom house.


The fifth cheapest place to buy property in Lincolnshire is the cathedral city of Lincoln,  where you can pick up a 3 bedroom house on average for £95,000.

Lincoln is an ancient area having had inhabitants for over 2,000 years, so contains many old historical buildings in the town. It is considered to have great shops, restaurants, museums and galleries and also comes with good transport links and a popular university. It has a population of 94,600 (in 2012) and the attractions of the Norman Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral, the latter being the tallest building in the world for over 200 years.


Next on our countdown of cheapest places,  is Boston. A 3 bedroom property here on average will cost £90,000.

Boston sits on the east coast, 100 miles north of London and is mainly known as a port town. It has a good selection of schools, ample shopping facilities with a market twice a week and a variety of sports facilities. It also has St. Botolph’s Church which is said to be the largest parish church in the UK. Its population is 66,900.


Coming in third on our list is the industrial town of Scunthorpe, where you can buy a similar sized house for as little as £65,000.

The town is located 7 miles south of the Humber Estuary and has good transport links, with a population of 82,334.  It previously had good employment rates on the back of a steel works and many local factories, but the demise of both led to job losses which affected property prices.

Lincolnshire: Cheapest Places to Buy Property

The town, which is the third largest in Lincolnshire after Grimsby and Lincoln, is one of contrast, as  juxtaposed next to the industrial nature of the town itself, is wonderful countryside surrounding it.


Number two on the list of the cheapest places to buy property is Gainsborough, where a house with 3 bedrooms would on average cost you £50,000.

The town sits on the banks of the River Trent, 18 miles north of Lincoln and served for many years as an inland port and trading post for vessels travelling up and down the river. This has declined but there is still a wharf in the town.

The town has good schools and transport links and is close to the grounds of Richmond Park.

Grimsby & Cleethorpes

The cheapest places to buy property in Lincolnshire are jointly Grimsby and Cleethorpes, where a same sized house will cost on average only £45,000.

These two coastal towns were previously built on fishing. But they were hit hard when the UK entered the Common Market, which reduced the UK’s fishing fleet and led to large unemployment in the towns. Although the position has slightly improved, property prices are still cheap in the area. Grimsby has a population of 88, 243 and Cleethorpes has just under 40,000.

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