Linear Motion Basics: Shafts and Bushings

Linear Motion Basics: Shafts and Bushings

When linear motion is in question, what we want is simplicity, practical tools and equipment and for the tools to do most of the work. Manual labor is hard enough as it is and much needed assistance by proper tools is widely available today.

The same goes for any type of manual labor, but we will concentrate on linear motion in this article and how linear shafts and bushing can help you a long way, if chosen properly and used in the advised way.

There is no need to compromise when it comes to gaining these items because they are very much affordable and come in a variety of forms and sizes, aiming to fit every need.

So, choose wisely, because having wrong linear shafts and bushings for your work might make you think that this kind of work is not for you or even worse, that you cannot do it yourself!

It is absolutely possible to DIY and that’s why we are bringing the best tips and tricks when deciding on the proper linear shafts and bushing in your case.

What are Linear Shafts and Bushings Exactly?

Linear shafts are extended rod shaped gadgets that make linear motion possible while transmitting power. Some types of linear shafts can be mounted on axial or radial structures depending on the shape of the hole at the end of the device.

Others have grooves or channels designed for keyways.

Linear shafts are used when linear or sliding motion is required in a guided and fine way. Shafts size and performance precision determine the load allowed and other important requirements.

Things To Know About Linear Bushing and Shafts - 2021 Guide - Galeon

Linear bushings are another type of linear guides. Bushings are ball based linear motion guides and provide best results in combination with the cylindrical linear shaft. Linear movements are made with minimum frictional resistance which delivers the most accurate simple movements.

Bushings Can be: Straight, Flanged and Pillow-Block.

Straight linear bushings are simple cylindrical ball bushings. They can be mounted using a fixing plate or a retaining ring. They are the cheapest examples on the market which makes them the cheapest to replace.

Flanged linear bushings are the ones that have one of the ends flanged. The flanged end is turned outwardly and serves as a thrust bearing surface. They are used for lighter loads and for types of work where lower speed is required.

Pillow block linear bushing is called this simply because it has a straight linear bushing inserted in a pillow block shaped housing.

All Linear Shafts and Bushings You’ll Need

When you’re deciding on the proper linear shaft and linear bushing, length of the rod is something that needs to be taken under consideration as well.

If the bushing is longer, it will cost more due to increased number of ball bearings, but they can apply more load at once.

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