Micro Valves Explained

Micro Valves Explained

For applications that have need of reliable and accurate control of gases or liquids, but are limited on space, micro valves come out to be the ideal solution. These valves are known as a universal, space saving, solution for a broad range of applications from instrumental, analytical, and pharmaceutical. These are the products that can be very easily found in a wide variety of universal service, isolation, pinch, proportional valves, and manifold assembles for fluid control applications.

When it comes to a miniature valve, it can be utilized effectively for industries such as textile, instrumentation, labeling or marking, analytical, scientific, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and environmental controls. In addition to these industries, these valves are ideal to be utilized for dental equipment, gas chromatographs, clinical diagnostic equipment, and gas analyzers.

The variety of miniature valves available at Clark Solutions meet the requirements of the most demanding gas flow applications and are appropriate for analytical chemistry and clinical diagnostics. Our comprehensive collection of miniature valves is known for dependable performance with the capability to deal with high temperatures and high pressures.

In addition, they can perform extremely well while working with more or less any industrial media and are available with diaphragm, cartridge, or solenoid actuation. This makes them appropriate for use with an assortment of applications, serving many of the major market trends these days. At Clark Solutions, you can get specialized valves for virtually every fluidic, both gaseous and liquid applications. Our valve offering consists of general service inert isolation, pinch solenoid valves and solenoid valves along with pneumatic and motor actuated gate or ball valves.

A lot of these valve products cane tailored to meet unique wetted, gaseous, and air chemistry applications in automation, medical, biotech, general industrial, analytical, and HVAC systems. A lot of our customers find that the ideal stock component for their application does not exist. Even though we have a vast inventory of stock valves, we recognize that there are a lot of scenarios when a personalized solution is needed.

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