Plastic Water Meter / Thermoplastic Water Meter

Is Plastic Water Meter Worth Its Installation?

A water meter is a mechanical piece of equipment that gauges the flow of water entering the home. A plastic water meter is read on monthly bases and each month you get a water or sewer bill depending on the amount of water you make use of. The meter just documents the water utilized. The meter can’t differentiate the way the water it utilized. For instance, if there is a leak, the meter documents the water in the same manner that it would if you were water the plants, washing clothes, or doing dishes.

  • How Precise Is the Water Flow Meter?

Water flow meters are extremely precise and each measuring device is tested at the manufacturing plant and comes with official recognition of the precisely measured at low, medium, and high flow. New meters are 99% to 100% correct from the manufacturer and meet industry standards.

  • How The Meter Works?

Water goes into a precision-machined compartment including a disc nutates. The arrangement of the disc divides the compartment into sections having a precise volume. Liquid pressure drives the disc to quiver and a roller cam causes the nutating disc to make a full cycle. The rotations of the disc are passed on by gear train to the gauge or totalizer or pulse teller. Close clearances between the compartment and disc make sure minimum leakage for precise and repeatable measurement o each volume cycle.

As water runs through the meter, the nutating disc of a thermoplastic water meter turns around counter clockwise. The disc is carried on a ball and socket that permits it to freely revolve. The cycles are translated into rotating motion by the measuring spindle. In turn the meter and register gears carry out the turn and the result is displayed on the meter in cubic feet.

  • How Frequently Do We Change the Meter?

The replacement should be scheduled every fifteen years. Every meter that is removed is tested for precision on a calibrated test bench. The testing results are approximately 97% – 98%.

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