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SEO Agency in Australia and one idea I keep coming back to and, of course, to  help my clients grow their businesses is to publish a book.  This may sound ridiculous to you, in fact, you may feel you don’t know enough to be an expert in your respective field, but most of the knowledge you have would be of great value to someone else, somewhere. I don’t care whether your field of expertise is hamsters or hamstrings; your knowledge, which ultimately becomes your intellectual property, can be of great value to someone else. Don’t think you need to be a world leading expert in your field before you can help others out online with what you know. While there are always people who will know more than you, these people will probably never be your customer because they already know what you know, but the other 99.9% of the world’s population could benefit from what you know.


It’s not that radically different in the business world. You set yourself up as an expert and it makes whatever your online business is looking good as well.

Your subject or content doesn’t have to be unique or magically creative. Don’t worry yourself with the objection of whether or not someone in your niche has already published something similar. When you go to a bookstore there will often be ten books published on the exact same subject, sometimes more—however, each book is unique in its own way, bringing a unique offering to the market.

There are many things you can do to start in this endeavour, but the best advice I could give you is to write a book. I know it sounds crazy, but it serves another very important purpose other than the ones mentioned above already. It acts as a foundation for content for your website, blog, and social media campaigns for years to come. Each week or month or whenever you like, you may want to post some new content on your website. A book that you have taken a time to write will have potentially hundreds of mini-subjects that you can re-purpose for your website. I’m not suggesting you just publish an entire chapter each week and that’s that. Be a little creative here; you may want to attach a graphic or introduce the topic in a different way.

As a busy business owner, one of the most important things you can do is produce intellectual property; it will make you money. One of the obvious challenges is a lack of time and coming up with a new idea for content each week can be difficult. A book of about 40,000 words will provide your audience with plenty to chew on each week or whenever you post to your website.

Another one of your objections may well be that you can’t write a coherent sentence to save your life. This may well be true. There is a range of options here, but a simple solution is to find a freelance writer to help you put your book together, either as a collaborative effort or as a ghostwriter. Either way, it will help you to polish your message.


So if you feel that you have something to say, some piece of advice, knowledge or experience then start thinking about a book as something achievable and something that can help to raise your status and respect amongst your peers and customers.

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