What Are Slick Tiles Used For?

What Are Slick Tiles Used For?

If you are in the hockey world, you’ve almost surely seen slick tiles. You may have seen them on YouTube hockey training videos, in trick shot videos on Instagram or Tik Tok, or maybe even in an off-ice training area at a rink complex or a friend’s house.

If you don’t have slick tiles at home and have never used them, you’ve probably asked yourself, what are slick tiles used for? These smooth tiles have a few different uses and are a great addition to any home or other off-ice training area. Here are a few different things slick tiles are used for.

Slick Tiles Simulate the Feel of the Ice

One of the biggest reasons people use slick tiles is that using them to train on is one of the closest things to training on real ice. The puck or ball and your stick will glide smoothly along your slick tiles just like they would on ice. Your shots and passes on slick tiles will feel right too and the puck will come off your stick smoothly. You can even train with a regulation puck with no problems so your training will translate better and quicker when you get back on the real ice.  

Slick Tiles Turn Any Area into a Training Area

Any flat surface can be turned into a hoe off-ice training area with slick tiles. This means your driveway, garage, basement, deck or patio, or even a flat dirt or grass outdoor space. When you put slick tiles down on these areas, you can start training with real equipment using your sneakers or even inline skates (you just can’t train in real skates, you need synthetic ice for that). The tiles are easy to set up and disassemble if you use them outdoors and strong and durable enough to leave set up in a basement or garage and still use that space for other things.

Slick Tiles Protect Your Equipment 

Training off-ice is necessary to become a better hockey player but doing so can damage your equipment. The biggest issue is obviously protecting your best sticks. If you don’t have slick tiles, your options are either to bang up your good sticks or use a lesser stick to train that you don’t mind dinging up. With slick tiles, you don’t have to make this choice. You can use your game-ready stick so your training truly simulates real hockey conditions.

Slick Tiles Protect Your Space 

Anyone who’s trained at home or had someone train in their home knows how badly floor surfaces can get scuffed up in these situations. Inline skates, pucks, and hockey tape can leave ugly black marks on the floor and it only takes one too many slap shots to take a chunk out of concrete or asphalt. Slick tiles protect any surface they cover so you can train without worrying about damaging the space. Just remember, slick tiles don’t help protect your walls or garage door if you miss the net! You’ll need a shooting tarp for that.


Slick tiles are a must-have for any home training space. They make your training more realistic, allow you to train almost anywhere, and protect both your equipment and your space. To get a few slick tiles to train on or to create an entire home slick tile rink, check out the best price per square foot in the industry at Snipers Edge Hockey’s website.

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