What Are Stickhandling Tiles?

What Are Stickhandling Tiles?

Although they are mostly known as dryland hockey flooring tiles, stickhandling tiles are a great hockey training aid that will help any player strengthen stickhandling, passing, or even shooting skills. Sniper’s Edge Hockey has perfected hockey flooring tiles with the slick tiles that they offer for up and coming hockey champions.

Ice-Like Hockey Flooring

Stickhandling tiles, also known as slick tiles, are meant to sharpen the skills necessary to play a decent game of hokey. They are made so that when a puck slides across them, it acts as if it were sliding across actual ice. This way, whenever somebody practices on them is simulates practicing on the real thing. The pucks slide perfectly over the surface, and the sticks slide effortlessly as well. This is why this type of flooring works so well with stickhandling training.

Stickhandling Training

The great thing about slick tiles is that they are compact and easily fit into smaller spaces. You can set up a twenty square foot area to practice stickhandling in with just one box of tiles. A twenty square foot area would be approximately four feet wide by five feet long. This is enough room to maneuver a puck or a dangle ball with a stick back and forth in a way that will help to strengthen skills. If you stand directly on the tiles, with the puck directly in front of you on the surface, you can push the puck back and forth and alternate sides of return. You can slowly get wider and wider as you go. With each stroke back and forth, you can aim to go faster and wider out until you run out of space. This is just one box; imagine how a whole room would work.

Setting Up An Area For Stickhandling Tiles

Whenever you are ready to set up a hockey training area with your tiles, it is super easy to do so. As we mentioned above, one box of tiles contains twenty square feet. When you scope out the area that you will turn into your training area, make sure that you measure it so that you can get enough tiles. Once you have the correct amount of tiles for your project, make sure that the area is flat and hard. You can always set plywood down to use as a flat surface to help with the installation. When you have the area ready for the tiles, all you have to do is set them flat on the floor and connect them together with the tabs that they have. It is a lot like putting together legos.

Long-Lasting And Heavy Duty

Slick tiles from Sniper’s Edge Hockey are built to withstand the abuse of a hockey champion. Stickhandle, ball dangle, snipe shots, all day every day, and don’t worry about wearing and tearing of your floor. These tiles are so tough that you can park a truck on them, and they won’t get hurt. If you can constantly practice and continually work on your game, these slick tiles will be there for you for years to come. Keep practicing and get out there to win games.

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