What Are Your Worst Flaws According To Your Signs

What Are Your Worst Flaws According To Your Signs


Excessive directness strains others the maximum amount as excessive diplomacy, this is often a fact. Aries’ tendency to chop the truth-uterus repulses no but his other dubious qualities – tactlessness and inability to respect someone else’s personal space. If Aries needs something, he will get you out of the bottom without concern if you’re able to help him. However, as soon as Aries gets what he wants, he will quickly leave you alone – this is often how inveterate egoists behave.


Give him what he wants and he will reproach you for lack of zeal and greed. Taurus is often not enough, but why? Because he’s greedy himself. And he’s also someone who pursues only his own interests. for his or her sake, he will fight sort of a bull, and when he has to help someone, he will instantly calm down. Taurus is 100 percent materialists, but they’re often hypocritical when portraying spirituality. But dotty, they need too many words and few concrete deeds.


This sign could be a master and champion of lies. And on lies of very different properties. It is either a harmless fantasy or a true lie. One thing is for certain – Gemini lies inspirationally and really top quality. As they assert, a mosquito won’t undermine your nose. Besides, those born under this sign are professionals in gossip and specified they will easily replace any tabloid. But their own personal life can feed any yellow media – the Gemini easily play several novels without delay, fool around unsuspecting partners.


Cancers remember evil well and, in theory, remember good. But they’re still better friends with the dark side – all told forms. Aggression, jealousy – their territory, their Cancers feel comfortable. Secrecy is another unpleasant feature of the crustacean nature, due to this very secrecy, it’s impossible to grasp what’s happening in his head. At the identical time, Cancers are completely innocent of a penchant for intrigue, preferring to talk everything head-on. Or say nothing. And you will not shake anything out of them. Yes, Cancers are very touchy, although they rarely show it. they simply hoard and sit up for the chance to kickback. Here it is, that very same rancor.


With the Leos, everything is obvious. Their main drawback is narcissism within the company of their elder friend, selfishness. As you recognize, the planet rotates on its axis. within the universe of Leo, such an axis is himself, the best, beloved, inexpressibly beautiful. Expecting an equal partnership with Leo Zodiac Sign is like believing in Santa. Accordingly, there’s no hope for democracy – Leos are tyrants by definition, although their tyranny is quite more funny than dangerous. The lion could be a typical example of the Napoleon complex.


The frugality of Virgos is that property that doesn’t honor them. This can be closer to greed than reasonable calculation. And representatives of this sign are liable to envy, which sadly eats up their positive trait – toil. Virgo’s push, but they do not always get an adequate reward for this so that they feel underappreciated and begin searching for the guilty ones. people who are envied by the blackest envy.


Here, as within the case of Leos, everything is additionally obvious. Libra’s trouble is indecision. “Maybe so, maybe this way?” – Libra reflects all the time, regardless of for what reason. This sign is often able to carefully, long, and painfully weigh the pros and cons. Bringing yourself sometimes to the nervous biting of nails, et al – to fury. The irritation of others doesn’t bother Libra – they bend their own line in everything (if they’ll choose it). Also, they’re characterized by mood swings, which greatly disturb their loved ones.


Harmful and vindictive, Scorpios are stubborn like rams and sarcastic like Stephen Fry. they like to try to only what they see fit. If they’re forced to vary themselves, they’re going to still take revenge and do as they need on the sly. Scorpios are great at counting money, and if there’s not enough money, they get angry, which spoils their lives. However, when there’s lots of cash, this can be no better – Scorpios always lack.


Excessive activity in everything makes Sagittarius tiresome for others. “A crowd of 1 person” – this apt Dovlatov’s description right at the address, about them, about Streltsov. This sign can develop vigorous activity from scratch, get you very bored with your partners, and find you very tired. But at the top of the day, there’ll be a reason to mention, wiping the sweat from my forehead – we’ve got done a good job. Indeed, glorious – they need collecting in one pile all the books whose titles begin with the letter K. Why? It doesn’t matter, the thing isn’t the result, but the method. In short, Sagittarius makes a good boss.


Capricorns are true Plyushkins: they buy for the sake of accumulation, they live from discounts to discounts, not because they actually need it. and that they save not in any way because they save for a time period. However, high spheres also excite them, and even an excessive amount of. Capricorn is trying to find a pose, significance in everything. He will perform even the best things on pathos. Worse, this sign isn’t very friendly humorously and, worst of all, with self-irony. So God forbid you to create fun of Capricorn – even mild irony will drive him out of himself.


Aquarius likes to adore something, even when it involves exotic nonsense like collecting cans of Australian beer. The Aquarian talent of giving in to something without a trace is usually wasted. For this reason, it’s difficult to be truly close with Aquarius – Aquarius puts his strange passions above real friendship and love. In general, all the time something prevents him from sincerely getting together with people, although those around him consider Aquarius their own on the board.


Pisces are great at thinking, articulating accurately and convincingly, but implementing poorly. Set others aflame with a noteworthy project? Easy. Convince to follow you? No questions. Would you wish to complete what you started? Uh-uh … So it seems that the ideas submitted by Pisces often remain on paper or just continue the air.

Another not the simplest quality of Pisces is the habit of lying and manipulating. Both are given to Pisces with difficulty and, as a rule, without much success. except for some reason, they can’t stop doing this.

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