Everything You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Everything You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

As everyone knows, eating and drinking are vital for a human being to stay alive. The mouth is the first organ responsible for it, so it is good to have useful information to perfectly take care of our oral health. Throughout our lives, different changes happen in our mouths. One of the important events that usually takes place between seventeen to twenty-one is wisdom teeth eruption. When we were children, we heard about wisdom teeth a lot, and all the time, it came to our minds that these teeth have to make us smarter! However, these sets of teeth are called wisdom since they erupt in the late teen ages or early adulthood. Wisdom teeth can cause oral health issues if they don’t have sufficient room to grow. So, they should be extracted as soon as possible. According to a dental professional performing oral surgery in North York, wisdom tooth extraction is a kind of oral surgery that is sometimes too complex and needs a lot of experience and expertise.

The Main Reason for Having Wisdom Teeth

In the past, earlier humans needed to have their third molars to chew and eat easily. It was necessary for them because they had a tougher diet than today. Over time, by changing our lifestyles, the types of food for human beings have completely changed. As a result, wisdom teeth seem to be not as necessary as before. Some people have no problems with their wisdom teeth growth, while others, probably more than 85%, should attempt to remove their wisdom teeth or they put their health at risk. Overall human beings have four wisdom teeth in their mouth, two on the top and two on the bottom.

The Symptoms that Indicate Your Wisdom Teeth Are Erupting

Some people have healthy wisdom teeth. They grow easily right in their own place, and it just brings a little discomfort. In some other cases, because of some reasons such as the lack of space between teeth, the growth of wisdom teeth faces some problems. Our wisdom teeth need to make room for their eruption. So, they try to move other teeth, and this process leads to some damage to the teeth and gum tissue. People should consult a professional dentist to decrease the level of damages.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction 

One of the procedures that help you prevent any dental problem caused by wisdom teeth is to extract them. As mentioned earlier, this dental process is considered as a kind of oral surgery. It may be a simple process or a complex one. But it is necessary to mention that wisdom teeth extraction may not work for everyone. People have unique mouth shapes, and only a professional dentist can decide whether wisdom tooth extraction is necessary or not. Here we mention some of the tips you should know about problematic wisdom teeth symptoms. According to such symptoms, your dentist typically determines if this kind of oral surgery is necessary or not.

-Experiencing extreme pain when the wisdom teeth are erupting

-Causing infection around the tooth

-Damage to the adjacent teeth

-Teeth misalignment

How Does the Dentist Perform This Kind of Oral Surgery?

If the dentists decide to remove your wisdom teeth, they’ll take an x-ray of your mouth in the first step. In this kind of oral surgery, a part of the bone that covers the teeth should be removed in some cases. When the dentist is removing them, you’ll just feel pressure. It is not painful because the place is going to be numb before.