The Most Applied Home Remedies to Relieve an Emergency Toothache

The Most Applied Home Remedies to Relieve an Emergency Toothache

An emergency toothache is one of those challenging situations that can happen to us for different reasons. Inappropriate diets, unsuitable dental hygiene, tooth cracks, etc., can lead to emergency dental pain or toothache. Depending on this dental emergency intensity, you can or can’t handle the pain. As a Richmond Hill emergency dentist says, there is no necessity to visit an emergency dentist if you maintain good oral hygiene and deal with a minor emergency toothache. Although the best decision is to check your teeth with an emergency dentist, this choice is not available for everyone, especially for working people or mothers who have babies. So what can we do to reduce the emergency teeth pain? It’s highly recommended to follow some handy emergency home remedies to relieve your minor pain until you have the condition to visit your emergency dentist. Pay attention that any minor dental emergency can be a vital sign. You need to get an emergency appointment to check your teeth health immediately after you can. Here are some helpful home remedies that will help you handle your emergency toothache.

Use ginger paste: ginger is one of the most effective plants to alleviate your emergency dental pain. Use toothpaste that contains ginger, or if it’s not possible, make it your own! Mix a little ginger powder with water to have a paste. Try to apply it smoothly with a clean cloth or cotton on that emergency tooth. And seriously e careful about your tongue and gum.

Raise your head: there is no doubt that our first choice when we face an emergency toothache is to take an over-the-counter medicine. If you want to get better results about decreasing your emergency pain, repose and put your head somewhere elevated. It significantly helps you relieving your emergency toothache pain by increasing your blood pressure.

Use clean tea bags: applying a bag of tea on an intended tooth can be a great help and ease your emergency pain. Pay attention to its temperature! A very cold or boiling tea bag can be a danger for your emergency toothache. Peppermint tea and all herbal ones can be a good choice in this dental home remedy. This method is proper, but repeating it for any dental emergency can make dark spots on your teeth. So try not to use it so much unless it’s necessary.


Cold compress: you will recognize red swelling if your emergency toothache continues. Applying a cold compress is an excellent way to decrease the pain of toothache and healing emergency swelling. If you don’t have a compress, you can use a bag of ice and wrap it with a clean towel. Hold this compress or towel at least for 10 minutes 4 times a day to see its impact on your emergency toothache pain.

These home remedies are helpful and suggested if you are unable to visit your emergency dentist right away. Remember that s soon as you are able, it’s necessary to check your teeth health with an emergency dentist to prevent other dental emergencies.

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