Functional Comparison Of Sports Bluetooth Headsets With Different Prices

Sports Bluetooth Headsets

Many people choose to go out for sports on holidays, but sports are boring. If you match a good sports Bluetooth headset, it will be cool to listen to songs while exercising. But how do you choose a Bluetooth headset you like?

According to the different Sports Bluetooth Earphones price and functional emphases. The classification of wireless Bluetooth sports headsets and noise reduction headsets can be extended. Users can choose their own sports Bluetooth headsets according to their own needs. The following is a comparison of the Sports Bluetooth Earphones price for different functions.

EDIFIER Lollipods

A pair of semi-in-ear headphones worth recommending. It is suitable for new users who have not worn but just want to experience them. The appearance is a bit similar to Apple AirPods. It is easy to feel like Apple when wearing it on the road.

As a cheap entry-level wireless Bluetooth headset, the manufacturer is sincere enough in hardware structure. The overall feeling is good, the sound quality is balanced with three frequencies and the low is slightly insufficient. Listening to songs and watching videos are enough for daily commuting. The slight deficiency is a little noise. However, this price should not be too demanding. Lollipods introduced an upgraded model. They upgraded the chip, improved the workmanship and texture. And improved the performance of delay and noise floor.

MORE ComfoBuds

This semi-in-ear earphone, coupled with its ultra-light single-ear weight. It is comfortable to wear. With the waterproof IPX5, users can run stably when wearing it. Comfortable wearing and stable and rapid connection should be the biggest selling points of this earphone.

Due to the semi-in-ear design, the sound quality can only be said to be relatively general. The low frequency is a little lacking, and the medium frequency is mediocre.

Sports Bluetooth Headsets

On the whole, it is suitable for wearing for a long time and with high comfort. In addition, most users think that the delayed performance is not suitable for game users. When the online platform offers great discounts, you can buy this sports Bluetooth headset.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

For Android users, FreeBuds 3 is a semi-in-ear, comfortable headset. This is a relatively unique product. Semi-in-ear noise reduction earphone, not call noise reduction, but reduction that isolates noise. If used with HUAWEI mobile phones, better noise reduction effect can be achieved.

In terms of sound quality, the overall performance is good. Using HUAWEI’s own Kirin AI chip, support Bluetooth 5.1, backwards compatibility. The delay is well controlled. The official 0.19 second game delay is enough for game users.

To sum up, the Sports Bluetooth Earphones price are different with different functional performances. Consumers need to choose according to their actual needs.

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