How to Prepare Your Child for Day Childcare Nursery

How to Prepare Your Child for Day Childcare Nursery

You have already selected the best day care Nottingham. Your next important step is to prepare your little one for the childcare nursery. Here are some of the tips to do so.

Get Acquainted with the Carer

The first big step would be to make your kid familiar with his/her new nursery staff or carer. When your child is more familiar with her new environment, they will feel happier about saying bye to you.

Try to Make your Little One Stay with Close Relatives Like Grandparents

In case your kid has never stayed with anyone else before, you may leave them with their grandparents a few times before sending them to the daycare. It is a great way to familiarise them with the idea of staying away from you.

Take Your Kid to The Childcare or Nursery Before They Are Due to Start

You may take your little one to the daycare before he/she starts going there regularly. It will give them the opportunity to interact with kids. The move will also make them familiar with the activity-based play. When you take them there, they will start gaining independence and learn how to socialise.

It is possible that your daycare will ask your child for some settling-in sessions before they start going there regularly. Such sessions will help your little one to get used to staying away from you. They will also gain the confidence that you will return to collect them.

What Should You Do When Your Child Goes to Childcare for The First Time?

Once you have enrolled your kid in the best child care Nottingham, make sure to have plenty of time in your hands while taking them there. Being in haste can make you and your child become anxious and stressed. Say goodbye to your little one calmly before you leave them. Tell them you will return later.

Do not look back after you have said bye to them. You should not hang around even if your little one starts crying. Remember that a long and emotional goodbye can baffle them and make the parting more upsetting for both of you. The kid’s carer will be there to pacify them. The little one will cheer up soon as they will get distracted by activities and toys.

When you come back later, you may possibly find them playing happily. Discuss how their day was and make them realise that they had plenty of fun. Such talks will ensure that they build up a positive relationship with their carer.

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