How To Play Switch Games For Free On Android Pc And Switch 8.1 ?

How to hack Nintendo Switch has been a hot topic in the market, with the development of hacking technology, we can completely crack or hack Nintendo Switch by Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS to launch the free games on the console. Can we also play free Switch games on PC, Android ? Today you can find a solution.

Play Nintendo Switch games on PC or Mac

Video games have slowly evolved and the graphics have become more intense. Games are available for each platform, but PCs and consoles are the most preferred for video games. Windows offers the possibility of installing various types of software. In addition, several other consoles can be emulated on a computer like the emulator of the Nintendo Switch.

RyujiNX and yuzu are emulators under development for Nintendo Switch games, starting with homebrew programs. Both have made considerable progress over the past year and are now able to start and launch some games. This is not an ideal experience, but it is a useful technology.

So, what is Yuzu for? It is an open-source experimental emulator for the creators of Nintendo Switch from Citra, and it is also a multiplatform program (Windows, Linux, Mac) that already runs homebrews. It is possible to launch board games but the team says that not too many commercial games are emulated correctly.

Ryujinx is the second emulator of Nintendo Switch written in C #, like another Yuzu emulator, Ryujink allows you to launch Switch games on your computer from a Windows or Mac system.

How to play free switch games with Emulator Switch?

Yuzu is an open source project to emulate the Nintendo Switch. It is still in the initial stages and it is possible that bugs are fixed. The source code of the project is available on Github and you can download the Nintendo Switch Emulator source code and compile it and run it on your Windows PC.

However, the work is in progress and you will soon be able to play Nintendo games on Windows PC. The developers of the Citra team got together to give a final shape to this project. so we believe that Yuzu will also support all the Nintendo Switch games.

First, you’re going to need a computer with a fast processor, because all these games really work very slowly. yuzu recommends something that supports OpenGL 4.3 or later.

There are only 4 games that are compatible with yuzu and RyujiNX, here are these games:

  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
  • Cave Story+
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris
  • Super Mario Odyssey

All four are available on PC via conventional methods. Both teams are working hard to try to run other games.

Play Nintendo Switch games on Android

The Android version of the emulator of the Nintendo Switch also has pretty amazing features. This is quite similar to the PC version of the emulator, the controllers are adjustable because you can customize the buttons that appear on the screen during the game, the automatic backup function is available, you can change the layout of the screen and more. In addition, as a mobile version emulator, there is portability that is like taking the Nintendo Switch around in your pocket via your phone. However, the only drawback is that you can not store a lot of games on Android because of its low storage capacity. Even though the switch emulator apk file does not consume a lot of storage, Nintendo switch sets do it. Therefore, if you have a phone with a large storage capacity, you can store and play different games without any problem.

Speaking of the IOS / iPhone emulator, it is almost identical to the Android version, except for the installation part and option settings. The Android version of the emulator has more options to customize, however, there are few options on the version of ios. In addition, the gameplay, controllers, layout and everything else are the same.

How to play Nintendo Switch games on Android Phone

  • Download the apk file here
  • After saving the apk file to your mobile device, go to android / settings and make sure you allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Now install the apk file and run it. After that, select the folder where you placed the Nintendo Switch games and continue.
  • Make the necessary adjustments such as the resolutions, controllers and sound settings you prefer and you’re done!

SX PRO hack Nintendo Switch

Team Xecuter has released SX Pro, SX OS and SX Gear so that players who hack the Nintendo Switch, SX Pro Kit contains a software license, USB Type-C dongle and RCM JIG. For the product of Switch Xecuter SX OS, it has only one software license, no USB stick or RCM JIG included. The Xecuter SX Pro is a must for beginners who want to hack their Nintendo Switch. Because it’s easier to handle. Because the Xecuter SX OS has only one license, it is a bit difficult to manage. So, it’s a product for advanced players. SX Gear, the best solution for any SX OS user without the SX Pro dongle, is much cheaper to buy.


How to use SX Pro/SX OS/SX GEAR to hack the Nintendo Switch?

  • Extract SX OS on the microSD card of your Nintendo Switch.
  • Insert the SX Pro dongle and Jig tool into your Nintendo Switch.
  • Hold down the volume+ and press the power button, SX OS should start.
  • Activate SX OS license to enjoy all the features.
  • Enjoy the latest games and homebrew.

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