Is It Now Easier To Obtain A Halal Certification

A Halal Certification

There are many simple products available on the market that according to their ingredients are not allowed in the Islamic religion. But more and more companies are searching to obtain this certificate and transform their products into something that will be acceptable for all religions. With such products, according to the “halal” standard, large profits in the trade are planned. It is the “halal” standard of food prescribed by Islamic values. According to this standard, pork should not be contained in meat products, nor traces of pork. You can now easily find a halal certification company canada.

With the establishment of a halal certification in canada, food companies manufactured under Islamic rules can also receive a unique certification in the future. At the forefront is the confidence of Muslim consumers – they need to make sure that what they eat is done according to the rules of faith.

The only halal certification canada standard should be comprehensive: from the certification process in agriculture to the consumer plate. Therefore, the agency will be available to food producers and traders for access to the “halal” market.

Today, “halal” products account for about 17 percent of the world’s food supply.

Are people from other religions allowed to eat halal certified food?

It is clear that each religion has prescribed certain rules of nutrition for its members and, we see, they all differ. It is the result of the preaching of their sacred books from centuries since their appearance. And, clearly, those rules are thought to bring good to the believers who apply them and, moreover, bring them even closer to God. But in practice we have different behaviors. Not all Christians fast, not all Muslims fast, and fasting is one of the foundations of both religions when it comes to diet rules.

The answer is simple and there should be no dilemmas because, indeed, what is sin and what is inadmissible for a Christian not to eat foods that have no pork, no blood, no harmful additives. Or, what if that same Christian ate halal certification service food? There is nothing disputable and unacceptable here because it is only about products made to certain standards and nothing more because there are no religious rites, no rituals in the production halls. Belonging to a certain faith simply does not forbid us from eating it and forbidding it.

Are halal certification services becoming more popular in recent years?

In recent years, the press has produced a very negative picture of halal certified meat. There was an impression that Muslims were not interested in the welfare of animals, but in essence it was the opposite, we respect and care for animals. “

According to Muslim regulations, animals should not be exposed to stress or torture, so slaughtering one animal should not see the other. That is the reason for the controversy of mass meat production among Muslims. For example, there are many renowned Halal Control Institutes that basically refuse to certify meat.

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