Reasons that States Need to Regulate and Tax the Marijuana Industry

Reasons that States Need to Regulate and Tax the Marijuana Industry

In the past, adults would scare you that smoking marijuana leads to death. On the contrary, processed foods and carbonated drinks also pose huge risks to a person’s health. We also need stakeholders to caution us against pharmaceutical drugs. Most of the items in the industry are more harmful than cannabis products.

States in the USA are legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. It means that consumers can go to a licensed cannabis dispensary and purchase the product over the counter. Despite the findings on the benefits of cannabis use, the federal government still makes it illegal to possess or sell weed.

Reasons to Legalize Marijuana Use

There are arguments on whether it is prudent to legalize marijuana use in the country or not. Pundits worry about youths abusing the drug. However, studies show that it will depend on the preference and choice of the user. Here are some reasons why more States need to legalize it;

Marijuana is Less Harmful Than Other Legal Substances

We should not look at the legality of something to determine its legitimacy. In modern society, there is no regulation to limit the cigarettes or alcohol that a person consumes. However, these substances are responsible for thousands of death annually. Cannabis is less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol, but the laws are harsh in penalties when found using.

Smoking cigarettes is proven to be a leading cause of cancer of the respiratory organs. It is also responsible for cardiovascular problems and heart diseases. Apart from liver conditions, alcohol can cause death to users when they overdose. Cannabis is less addictive than both products, and it is time for authorities to legalize its use. There are no known medical complications or death arising from marijuana consumption.

Is Safe for Medicinal Use

The pharmaceutical drugs that doctors prescribe for chronic pain can be harmful to a patient’s body. Manufactured medicine can affect body organs, while medicinal marijuana does not. On the contrary, it is more effective in treating arthritis and does not damage organs.

There are many health benefits to using cannabis. It aids in treating insomnia, and other anxiety-related conditions too. Local governments need to consider regulating its consumption since weed is a much safer drug than pharmaceutical drugs. It is an alternative to modern medicine.


There is a widespread use of marijuana in the United States of America. Local governments can start generating revenue by decriminalizing consumption. The fees and taxes allow authorities to improve their finances. On the other hand, government agencies utilize a lot of funds in fighting marijuana use. They can save money if they have legislation regulating the consumption, distribution, and production. It is also costly to prosecute and jail people with offenses on drug use.


The move by States for regulations on the consumption and distribution of cannabis is a step forward. As a user, you can search for a cannabis dispensary near me to buy weed legally. Ensure you carry a valid identification card to prove you are above 21 years, as per the law.

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