What Are Some Of The Negative And Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

We, at body shaping etobicoke, know how important cosmetics and good looks are as we get customers with different wishes every day and we know exactly what they want.

So, in order to understand whether laser hair removal is the right process for you, make sure to read the text.

  • What is pulse duration?

Pulse Duration: This is the time that the pulse affects the hair that laser hair removal services in etobicoke use.
This is extremely important. If we have a thick hair with a lot of melanin, it will absorb a lot of energy and deliver enough to the root to transform it into heat and destroy it. In this case, if the pulse duration is shorter, the energy will not be able to transmit over the entire area of ​​the hair and heat it. Thick hair warms slowly and slowly releases heat – it needs a longer impulse.

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Conversely – if we have a thin and light hair with very little melanin in it, to absorb enough energy is not enough to increase the density of the energy supplied, but also to act fast enough to have a fast-enough impulse. The thin hair will heat up very quickly and give off the energy absorbed very quickly (as we also know from physics at school). In order for it to reach the root of the hair and become sufficiently strong heat, it needs a very rapid impulse.

  • What is a Pulse Rate?

Pulse Rate: This parameter is not relevant to the outcome of the procedure, but only to the client’s comfort and how quickly the procedure will be completed. This is the number of pulses per unit time in the continuous laser mode used by every laser clinic in etobicoke.

  • What is Paradoxal Hair?

Sometimes clients at etobicoke laser clinic get the opposite effect from the desired one. Their hair seems to be getting bigger. This phenomenon is called paradoxical hair and is most often the result of human error or the use of apparatus with unreliable parameters. If your therapist is not well trained and trained, he or she may not correctly evaluate the parameters for your skin, thickness, hair color, and pre-treatment parameters. In such cases, sometimes not strong enough parameters are used to destroy the hair, but rather those that stimulate its growth. The low heat will stimulate the growth of hair follicles currently ‘asleep’. Unfortunately, there are salons where this is done not so much by ignorance, but by the desire to keep customers longer and make them come more often. Remember: laser hair removal is done properly and efficiently only if you see the result after each procedure and if your hair disappears after the number of procedures determined by the therapist.

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