11 Plants to Include in Your Poolside Landscape

1 Plants to Include in Your Poolside Landscape

Adding greenery to almost anywhere makes a place more alive and attractive. Plants also have health and wellness benefits–so much so that many urban dwellers put plants in their modern homes and offices. Even homeowners with pools exert effort into landscaping their poolside to make it look livelier and visually pleasing.

Turn your bare yard into a den of nature, refreshment, and wellness. Consider sprucing up your pool area with these eight plants.

Banana Tree

Banana trees instantly add a tropical touch to your pool area. They are also suitable for mild and frost-free climates, making any poolside ready for any season. Their height as well as their long, wide leaves also provide ample shade for you to enjoy lounging before taking a dip.

While your banana trees love sunny spots, place them in a sheltered area to protect them from wind and rain. They may be tall and have broad leaves, but their soft stalky structure makes them prone to breakage and ripping. The last thing you’d want is to have a pile of wrecked banana trees on your poolside.

Palm Tree

Palm trees also add tropical and oasis-like vibes to any pool area. Take a look at the outdoor amenity areas of some condominium developments like The Silk Residences. You’ll find many of them using palm trees to decorate their poolside area. Place a few on the sides and corners of your pool area. Couple it with your banana trees to complete the dessert oasis feels for your future pool parties publisuites.


Hibiscus is a flowering plant that also adds the warm and lush vibes of the tropics. Adding hibiscus into your poolside landscape will create an exciting contrast between your greenery and the flowers’ rich reds, pinks, whites, and oranges. Several hibiscus species are found in temperate, tropical, and subtropical regions such as Hawaii, Haiti, Malaysia, and the Philippines. If you are in the City of Manila, you may find hibiscus in Manila Zoo, Rizal Park, and possibly in the Arroceros Forest Park.


Succulents aren’t limited to being indoor greenery. If you love having cacti, aloe vera, or rose succulents on your tables and dressers, get a few to decorate your poolside area for a modern minimalist look. Use larger succulents such as Crassula or Yucca to cover larger spaces and add rich green hues and textures to your poolside landscaping. Smaller succulent plants such as Aeonium, Sedum, and various cacti types are perfect for covering gaps or adding statements to your lounge tables and the corners of your pool.

The best part about succulents is that they are low-maintenance. Most succulent plants require less watering and lots of sunlight, although some can survive with minimal sunlight. Having these decorative plants allows you to adorn your poolside while avoiding the hassle of watching over them all the time.

Birds of Paradise

Looking for another colorful tropical plant? Birds of Paradise are beautiful flowering plants that grow up to ten feet! Their height offers shade like palm and banana trees. Their bright bird-like blooms create a natural feel that complements the crisp lines of your poolside deck and lounge.

While birds of paradise are tropical plants, they still need shelter from strong winds and rain. Leaving them outside in extreme weather conditions will cause them to break and tear.


Summer is the season for tans, cold drinks, taking a dip in the pool, and…bugs. Plus, your pool and poolside foliage may be breeding grounds for harmful bugs such as mosquitoes. You surely don’t want to catch dengue or malaria fever after having the best time in your swimming pool.

Prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your pristine yard and pool area by planting citronella in your poolside garden. You can get potted ones to easily place and move them around. You may also grow them in clumps to create beautiful rows of citronella grass around your poolside. Not only do they smell fragrant, but they also help repel mosquitoes. You will be protected from nasty bites and diseases while enjoying your pool parties and night swimming sessions.


Vines and creepers are perfect accent greeneries for any outdoor space. Their “crawly” characteristic makes them excellent foliage to cover large areas such as walls, trellises, and fences. Choose chlorine-tolerant vine plants, such as Chilean jasmine, honeysuckle, deep green ivy, creeping rosemary, and Carolina jessamine to decorate your poolside walls and gazebo. These vines will give your yard a rustic, weathered look while thriving and surviving the pool chemicals splashing on them.

Ornamental Grasses

These decorative grasses are low-maintenance and offer depth for your poolside area. Ornamental grasses are easy to grow and care for. They also blend in perfectly with your other greenery, making them excellent for any landscaping project. Ideal decorative grasses are zebra grass, silver grass, reed grass, and fountain grass for your poolside garden. Not only are they beautiful and easy to care for, but they also build the right amount of barrier to keep your pool area private.


Want vibrant colors to last from spring to fall? Geraniums provide exotic pops of color that complement your rows of greens and blues. Choose from various colors and hybrid species, such as regal pelargoniums or Lady Marthas, to decorate your outdoor tables, gazebo, and flower beds. Some geraniums also repel bugs. Plant them with your citronella for all-out protection from pesky insects.


Shrubs create lush rows of flora and greenery while keeping your pool area private. Their short stature instantly creates the illusion of a thick carpet of foliage similar to hedges and grasslands. Hydrangeas and Fortnight lilies are two flowering shrubs that are beautiful and suitable for any swimming pool landscaping.

Italian Cypress

These tall, evergreen trees look stunning when placed in a neat, straight line. Suppose your pool area is long and spacious. Place Italian Cypress parallel to the edge of your swimming pool. The crisp line of the trees somehow creates a vertical version of landscaping lines. Doing so also adds an Italian-Mediterranean flair to your backyard.

Landscaping your poolside area creates a natural feel for your home’s outdoor. Choose from these eleven plants to add to your pool landscape. Your surroundings while swimming will be more attractive and refreshing.

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