5 Early Signs of Plumbing Problems

5 Early Signs of Plumbing Problems

Don’t you hate it when plumbing trouble arises at unfavourable times? For instance, your budget is limited, but the pipes are leaking, the faucet’s dripping or a much worse problem happens. Of course, delaying the repair is never an option. The more you wait, the higher the repair costs you’d have to pay.

So, how can you prepare yourself for scenarios like these? Is it best to set some money aside from emergencies? Or would it be wiser for you to identify the early signs of plumbing problems?

The former is good, but the latter choice is better.

Here are the early signs of plumbing issues you have to watch out for.

#1 The Water Pressure is Low

Unless there’s an emergency or advisory, low water pressure may mean the pipelines could have partial obstruction. The moment you notice this, check for broken pipes. If you cannot find any external cause, then it’s possible that the problem is anywhere in the pipelines. Call your plumber ASAP!

#2 Loud Bubbling or Gurgling Sounds

The moment you hear these loud bubbling or gurgling sounds, it is time to investigate. It often indicates that there is trapped air within the plumbing lines. True, these happen after the water’s cut off due to water interruptions. However, if it suddenly occurs without any viable reason, then dial the professional’s number.

The pipes may be becoming loose, and to steer clear from severe damage and expensive repairs, dial your plumber’s numbers.

#3 Drainage System Goes Down Slow

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No one wants sluggish drainage. It won’t be an issue if you see the problem instantly, like food, plastic, bones, soap, and hair. But, when you can’t, you know that it’s a problematic issue. Clogs and backups may damage your home before you know it. So, please don’t delay getting it sorted out no matter what.

#4 Horrible Odours

Now, you would never want this to happen to your home. When you smell horrible odours coming from plumbing fixtures, like a drain, it’s probably a clogged sewer vent stack. These require immediate attention and solution. The odour needs to be eliminated at the soonest time possible. It is best to solve it with the professional assistance of your trusted plumber.

 #5 Water Bills Suddenly Skyrockets

If you are not new to your home or property, it’s easy for you to monitor the bills. When the water bills suddenly skyrocket from one month to the following one, you’re likely dealing with leaking fixtures or pipes. Call your problem so they can determine if there are leaks, other plumbing troubles to solve and fix it right away.

Contact your trusted electrician and plumber today when you feel that the problems are too much for you to handle.

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