Death Scene Cleanup Service: What Are The Best Ways To Cleanup Blood?

Having to clean up blood residues that are left behind on a death scene is never easy regardless of whether the quantity of blood you have to deal with is significant or not. While there are methods and steps that can be taken to successfully and completely wipe out any blood trace in your home after death, it is often wise to procure professional death scene cleanup service in the event that the blood residue is significant.

Dealing With Insignificant Blood Residue

In dealing with blood of any size, many factors need to be considered. One of these is the type of surface that has been compromised. Generally, nonporous surfaces are way easier to deal with than porous ones.

For cases of fresh blood on nonporous surfaces, your best move would be to wipe it down with a cloth doused in a well-mixed water and ammonia solution (usually one with a part of bleach and nine parts of water).  This solution or other types of disinfectants would also work for surfaces on which the blood has dried on it. You would, however, need something stronger than a cloth to wipe it with.

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In the event that the material compromised is a porous one such as a cloth, your best action would be to dispose of it. However, if you don’t want to, you could soak it in cold water that has been mixed with two tablespoons of salt or ammonia for every quart.

For set bloodstains, the trick is to form a paste by mixing meat tenderizer with cold water.  This is applied to the fabric and left that way for at least 15 minutes. The fabric is then rinsed off, and then a large part of the blood would be gone.

Dealing with Significant Blood Residue

As a result of events such as an assault, suicide, homicide or unattended death, you may find yourself faced with cleaning a large amount of blood. Now while you think you could manage to do the cleaning yourself, you are strongly advised not to. Why? Consider the following.

Efficiency and Thoroughness

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If you decide to undertake a significant blood cleanup yourself, your inexperience might lead you to perform an inefficient job. You might not be able to clean out the affected areas completely. In the cases of walls and floors, for instance, you might not know that most of the blood isn’t on the surface but rather contained inside the walls and the floors. This not only compromises and slowly destroys your structures; it also affects your health either now, in the future or slowly over time.

Also, in the case of traumatic death, you might not be in the best emotional position to handle the cleanup.  You or your family members also don’t want to be reminded of the trauma as you are trying to heal from it. Therefore, it is important that you hire professional death scene cleanup services to help you completely wipe out any trace of the event now and for all time.

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