Listen To Your Home, Listen To Your Heart

Home is where the heart is.

An old cliché as it may seem, but admit it — you’ve got a special affection with the place you live in. Something in there makes you want to stay and just lay in the comfort of your couch or your bed. Something there stretches your lips to form a smile as you breathe in nostalgia dancing in the corners of the house. Amidst the hustles and bustles of life, you would just like to go home and relax while sipping in the peace and comfort of your living room, or bedroom perhaps.

But not all houses can bring you these coziness and gratification, and simply not all people have the talents and skills to play with the elements of arts and designs to change the atmosphere in your home. You have no idea what to do or how to start.

Certainly, Sheri Peterson can help you convert your ordinary house into a haven of dancing beauty and forms. She starts the residential interior designing with an inspiration. Whether historical ambience, childhood memories, or up-to-date trend, she aims to satisfy the dreams and demands of her clients at the end. Peterson believes that colour is everything in a way that ambience and perfection of the design depends on it. Choosing the right color for your home interior is crucial, but she’s expert with that, alongside with furniture layouts and decorating ideas.

Aside from residential interior design, Peterson also does colour consultations and commercial interior designing for company offices and hotels. Some of her hospitality projects in the past years include The Union Club of BC, The Oak Bay Beach Hotel, The Uplands Golf Club, The Chateau Victoria and the Accent Inns. Check out more of her masterpieces.

But of course, it’s better to beautify your own home first before doing somewhere else. Contact Sheri Peterson and tell her what you desire for your house — what your personality is, what your family needs, what you want to see and feel the moment you wake up in the morning up until you arrive from work at night. Tell her your story and belief, and she’ll surely make them alive and happen. Come on! It’s time to listen to what your walls and floors and furnitures are telling you. Collaborate with her designers and plan the homey image that your soul is longing for. Seek the 25 years of experience and expertise of Sheri Peterson, and feel where your heart is.