Professional Hoarding Cleanup Service Jacksonville Florida: Cleaning The Home Of A Hoarder

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On many levels, dealing with hoarders is a daunting task. Apart from draining the emotions, managing a hoarder is also mentally devastating, especially when they don’t agree with your views. Now, the most annoying part is marking a spot to start the cleaning process. But there are a few steps used by professional hoarding cleanup service Jacksonville Florida to control hoarding, sort hoarded items, and sanitize the property.

Evaluating hoarder’s property and planning a sustainable decluttering strategy

The problem a hoarder faces is the inability to distinguish trash from valuable items. Thus, they accumulate everything with hopes that they find a use for them in the future. After a while, the clutter blocks pathways in the home. There are more severe side effects such as the growth of mold and mildew, accumulation of dust, insects, and vermins, and an increased risk for an inferno to occur. A professional hoarding cleanup service Jacksonville Florida takes steps to ensure that the hoarder is involved in the cleaning process, including them in the cleaning strategy and making them see reasons for the need to declutter. If you are decluttering by yourself, hire the expertise of hoarding cleanup companies. Not only do they guarantee a better outcome, but they also have the right supplies and equipment to handle the job.

Protect yourself always

You won’t know what is in those piles except you check, and you must be ready with your PPE when you do. Use eye protection, disposable gloves, and dust masks to avoid coming in contact with toxins and allergens. A hard hat or sturdy protective shoes are also recommended. To cope with any component of the trash, arm your bug spray, extinguisher, first aid kit, and a flashlight too. You may also encounter flammable materials, shards of broken glass, and lethal insects. When you are dealing with biohazardous materials, professional hoarding cleanup service Jacksonville Florida teams are always a call away.

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How varied are your cleaning supplies?

Hoarding is a large project. Often extensive and unpredictable, you must have a long list of cleaning supplies at the ready because you don’t want to pause in the middle of an essential decluttering activity. Some crucial supplies for hoarders are empty boxes, broom and dustpan, heavy-duty trash bags, buckets and mops, cleaning cloths and sponges, strong disinfectants, shovel, hand tools, vacuum cleaners, and step ladder.

Trash cans may not hold discarded items from a hoarder’s home. Instead, approved dumpsters are recommended, especially when dealing with biohazards. You will find pickup and delivery information for your state when you contact your state’s sanitation department.

Despite the extensive cleaning involved in decluttering, it is always advisable to start with the smallest room — this instills a subconscious sense of progress as the job proceeds. A bathroom, for instance, is a great beginning. Cleaning becomes more comfortable when there are fewer items to deal with. Thus, always start from the top to bottom and remove furniture as you proceed. Check purses, closets, drawers, and pockets to ensure the absence of valuable items of the property owner too.

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