Getting A Proper Court Hearing

Proper Court Hearing

For years, we have witnessed constant attempts by the state to make the judiciary more efficient. The notion of efficiency absolutely all participants in this endeavor include the speedy completion of court proceedings, the resolution of so-called old cases that last for years. The bail hearing lawyer toronto is the right expert you need.

Everyone, while deciding on his civil rights and obligations or on a criminal charge against him, has the right to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time before an independent and impartial tribunal established by law. The judgment is pronounced publicly, but the press and the public may be excluded from all or part of the trial in the interests of morals, public order or national security in a democratic society, when required by the interests of minors or the protection of the privacy of the parties, or to the extent deemed necessary. court, necessary in special circumstances where the public could harm the interests of justice.

It is clear from the very wording of the provision cited that so often today the reference to the right to a trial within a reasonable time is in fact only part of a broader human right called the right to a fair trial. Justice is very difficult to define and it is more philosophical than a legal term. Many great thinkers have tried, none to this day, to give a clear enough answer to the question of what is fairness. That is why I do not want to dare to define this term in this article, because there is no need for such a thing. We all know what fairness is and in any particular case, we could judge by ourselves whether a decision was fair or not. Fairness to us can be a reflection of our subjective impression of an event, and often it can also represent a set of objective circumstances that we have learned through experience on different occasions and on which we can give judgment as to whether a decision is fair. The notion of fairness is simply common knowledge.

Can the trial be fair if it is not completed within the deadline and can the end of the trial within the deadline cause the fairness to be disregarded. Are these two separate terms, or is it how the Convention defines part of the same human right we call the right to a fair trial? On the basis of the clause cited in the Convention, we conclude that fairness and reasonable time form part of a whole. It is, after all, very simple to explain that it is equally important for a person to be tried fairly and to end his trial as soon as possible. Fairness is important because of the effects of a court decision and court proceedings in general on a person’s rights and obligations, and efficiency (reasonable time) for the need to keep uncertainty in one’s rights as short as possible.

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