Advantages And Disadvantages Of Log Cabin Homes

Like any other thing, log homes also have some good things and bad things. It totally depends upon your choices, preferences, weather conditions and the availability of resources whether log cabins or homes would fulfill your desires. First and foremost, they look really attractive, and because of the wood construction they look more natural and jelled with the environment.


Of course, every place has its own feel and setting, but log cabin homes can fit in majority of places, considering environmental changes, energy efficiency, and existing trends. But before you search for Real American log cabin homes, it’s better to go through the pros and cons, so that you can make the right decision with confidence.

Pros of a Log Cabin or Log Home

There are lots of ways to wrap the product and make it look attractive, but when it comes to real estate, wrapping can easily fool you. While these are some of the benefits of log and timber frame homes, you can always verify them and find out more benefits.

  • Split white pine is relatively inexpensive
  • 1/2 log home is extremely insulated. They are anchored to regular studs, thus shrinkage is not a problem and it’s quite easier to get financing for a 1/2 log home
  • Log walls are natural sound insulators. The inside walls can be finished with wall board to enable surfaces to be papered or painted
  • They are Greener and environment friendlier and offer prestigious and beautiful aesthetic appeal.
  • They are energy efficient with conventional heating and air conditioning in place.In fact, they are 2.5% to over 20% more energy efficient if built and caulked properly compared to an identical wood-frame home
  • Of course, they are cozy,warm and relaxing

Cons of a Log Cabin or Log Home

Until researching log cabins, you will only dream about good things, such as romantic view of your home, warm and cozy fireplace and things like that. But for some people, reality can be as bitter as a nightmare.

So to help you make a well thought out choice for your home construction, here is a realistic list of the negatives to building and owning a log cabin or log home:

  • Termites, beetles and carpenter ants will make their homes and/or feed on the wood. Then there will be more guests, such as Carpenter bumble bees, woodpeckers etc.
  • Cracking and popping when the logs are new
  • Wood is complicated to wire with electricity. Although, Western cedar logs are better,they are more expensive
  • Full log homes have no insulation – It is really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter without conventional systems in place
  • A log wall is a solid mass and since there is no insulated space, R-Value does not apply correctly
  • When the logs shrink, you have to keep caulking between them. Shrinkage can be from 1/2 inch to 3 inches or more
  • They have to be stained/sealed every 3-5 years to protect the wood; to fight moisture buildup or prevent the wood from drying out to avoid the logs from decaying or splitting. The stain/sealant is expensive

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