Download Dance Music Online

What exactly is Dance Music?

It’s the music which is composed in order to accompany or facilitate dancing. It can be a whole musical piece and it can also be part of a bigger musical arrangement.

Categories in terms of performance:

Dance music is categorized into two major categories in terms of performance,

  • Live dance music
  • Recorded dance music

Popular dance music:

The popular dance music has originated from late 19th century’s social dance and western ballroom music.

Genres of popular dance music:

The dance music typically carries the name of the associated dance, such as waltz, salsa, minuets, the can-can, the bolero, the tango and the various types of breakdowns and jigs.

The waltz:

It’s  a progressive, smooth folk and ballroom dance, typically done in triple time and it’s performed normally in closed position.

The salsa:

It’s a music which is Puerto Rican, Colombian and Cuban in style and is very popular dance music.

The minuets:

This dance is French in origin and is for two people. This dance consists of small and short steps.

The can-can:

It’s a high energy dance which is performed in a musical hall and is physically demanding. It’s performed traditionally by female dancers in a chorus line and are wearing petticoats, long skirts and black stockings.

The bolero:

It is a type of slow-tempo music which is Latin in origin. This music is normally associated with dancing. It has two forms: Spanish and Cuban which are both different in style and have separate origins.

The tango:

A style of music, tango originated in European immigrants of Uruguay and Argentina. Typically tango is played on guitar duo, solo guitar or an ensemble. An ensemble can include flute, piano, violins, double bass etc. The tango dance is very popular all over the world.

Recent genres of dance music:

Some of the recent genres of dance music include: electro-pop, new rave, hip hop, glitch pop, break beat, drum step, techno pop etc.

It is played in many dance clubs and bars and is very popular among youth.

Downloading dance music from digital store:

You can download music from the various music stores online at very affordable and cheap prices. Some of the other genres offered in form of online music include: house music, liquid music, pop music, R&B, rock music, jazz music, soul music, country music, Caribbean music etc. and these stores also offer a variety of tracks from famous singers and albums.