Horse Racing: A Fun Sport

When we hear the word “sport”, of course, we assume that it is something that is connected with ball games such as basketball, volleyball, and likes. However, the definition of “sport” varies according to the person defining it.

Since we are in the 21st century, horse racing as a sport is not very common nowadays since people are not up to this kind of activity anymore. But, we can’t just judge the book by its cover. You’ll never know how fun this kind of sport is unless you try. You’ll fall in love with horse racing through the process.

Horse Racing – The History

Horse racing is a sport which is common in the ancient times. Way back about 4500 BC, the first domestication of the horse was done by the nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia. Horse racing touched the heart of the kings, queens, and even the common people that made it possible to call itself as “sport”. Today, horse racing is not just a simple sport but it is also a form gambling. In addition with that, horse racing is legal in most countries such as the United States. Horse racing is also a famous sport in Australia, Canada, Ireland, South America, and more.

Horse Racing – What is it?

Horse racing is a sport in which the rider and the horse itself work hand in hand to win the race. The rider is commonly called as a “jockey”. The race is usually done in places suitable for horses like turf, dirt, synthetic surface race track suitable for horses. There are also protective equipments such as helmet or the skullcap, goggles, silks, skivvy, vests, breeches, gloves, boots, saddle, girth and stirrups. A jockey needs to wear protective equipments in order to protect himself/herself in an unexpected turn of events. Who knows if he’d be kicked out by the horse and land into a muddy or rocky road? We don’t know either.

There are many types of horse racing depending on your location or your country such as flat racing, jump racing, harness racing, and endurance racing. Horse racing can be easy as 1,2,3 if you know how to do it well and if you have the motivation to play a sport that needs presence of mind and the willingness to do it.  For more information, kindly visit discover the joy of horse racing by learning about the sport.html.

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