Do You Know about Hookah Pens?

Hookah pen can be defined as electronic cigar or smoke free accessory. It is tailored and made to cater the needs of many people and age groups. It gives the liberty to the teenagers to smoke in style without annoying or bothering anyone around.


What exactly it is?

It is a trendy and new style of smoking. It is available in many styles, designs and shapes. They are small colorful devices made to fulfill your smoking need at anywhere and anytime. They are smoke free and can be odorless with variety of flavors available in the market. They come with two basic types rechargeable, which can be charged directly from sockets or other electronic devices. The other types are refillable and they can be refilled. There refills are easily available in the market. Both the types are easy and fun to smoke or puff.

Its shape and construction

They are small, simple and cylindrical tube like in shapes. The outer layers can come up with plastic stuff. They can be metallic and wooden in the body. The small attractive gadget looking inhalers designed in many beautiful and attractive themes and designs. The themes are designed also include popular comics or super heroes.  Their body shape may contain an LED light. It used for the indication during the recharge of the device. They can be as small like as stylish and brightly colored pens or other accessories.

Contents of the Hookah Pens

There basic contents found or used in them may include. They are some organic compounds found in vegetables and plants we take every day in our diet. However their percentage or proportion varies. It depends on the users which one they prefer. The third one the artificial flavors. They are added to make smoking more fun and enjoyable. The flavors can be fruity or chocolate like.  The flavors also give the odour of the fruits such as strawberry, grapes and like.

The usage and reliable

There usage time and refill depends how much you puff off. An average pen ranges from 500 – 700 puffs. It covers the need of a single packet of a normal consecrate. They are used as long as the user wishes to keep it. Its life depends on the handling and proper usage.


They can come with minimum $ 5 to $ 10 depending on the brand and type of the product. So, with a Hookah Pen, you can smoke in style at anywhere.

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