The History & Popularity of the Cigar

The popularity of cigars, whether they are single cigars, boxed cigars or any other variation, extends from today to many centuries back. People of all ages and classes enjoy them, although they are often associated with that of higher classes. A cigar is quite often brought out during a celebratory event such as a stag-do, wedding, or perhaps career advancements.

Their staple in society as a reward for success has created this high class aura around them, especially the rarer types and brands that are difficult to acquire. Here we will learn more about the history and popularity of cigars in today’s society.

The History of the Cigar

The actual origins of the cigar goes back many years and spans many continents with tobacco being grown and used many years ago by the Mayans, the indigenous people of Mexico and central America. The plant spread north and south and was used by more and more tribes, and was used everywhere by the time Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas in 1412. The sailors tried it and discovered that they enjoyed smoking it, and when it was brought back to Spain and Portugal, it became famous throughout Europe, and reached international recognition.

The plant was named Nictotiana tabacum, after Jean Nicot, the French Ambassador. The origins of the name ‘Tobacco’ however is one of debate, with some thinking it originated from the state of Tabasco in Mexico, while others say it was from the Caribbean Island of Tobago. In 1612, the first tobacco plantation was established in Virginia and then more plantations appeared in the south in places such as Maryland. An actual cigar is rolled tobacco wrapped in tobacco leaves, and can come in various shapes and different sizes. Cigars are believed to have originated in Spain, where their popularity increased in the early 19th century.

In the States tobacco was smoked in pipes during this period, by it is believed that they were introduced by an army general ‘Israel Putnam’ in the late 18th century who brought them back to the states after he discovered them in Cuba after the revolutionary war.  The first cigar factory in the United States was established in Connecticut. In this day and age there are many different types of brands available for all tastes ranging from the small Romeo Y Julieta to the larger Cuban cigars and everything in between.

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Quality Cigars & Cigar Accessories

There is an extensive range of cigar accessories that are commonly found in an experienced cigar smoker’s arsenal. These accessories range from cutters, cases, and humidors. What is a cigar humidor, I hear you ask? A cigar humidor is an essential piece of equipment for any cigar smoker, novice or expert. If you require longevity from your cigars then a humidor is vital. Keeping your collection in one of these purpose-built boxes will prevent your cigars from drying out, cracking, and becoming generally unusable.

Should you wish to learn more about the history of cigars, anything at all about the various brands available, or about cigar accessories, then do not hesitate to get in touch with your local tobacconist or online cigar, pipe, and tobacco product retailer. Their expert opinion and advice will lead you on the right path to purchasing a quality cigar that suits your personal taste.

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