Wedding Theme – Tailor-Made For Your Dream

Wedding Theme

Two crazy souls coming together to celebrate life with each other’s combined zest. What better way to kick off this splendid lifetime journey than by tying the knot that would be remembered for ages. Want to celebrate your D-day like a queen with royal aura around you? Or do you dream of getting hitched amidst divine prayers, serene environment and gushing streams? Your wedding is the most significant day of your life and you need to do it in style!

Go for a theme wedding that you have dreamt for years and make your extraordinary day resemble a fantasy. A royal wedding, a fairytale wedding, a timberland wedding or a green wedding…the choices are perpetual.

A theme based wedding places a storyline around your big days – be it in ensemble, wedding style, wedding decor, food catering and engaging guests. This makes it easy to customize and associate the wedding to the wedding theme. Here are few awesome wedding themes by fnp gardens.

Fairytale Wedding

Every girl dreams to be princess on her wedding day to woo her prince charming. A Fairytale themed wedding is definitely custom-made for daddy’s princess out there waiting for her prince. Beginning from the costume, the catering, the rituals, the decoration and ending with the fairy tale honeymoon! Everything is customized for you by fnp gardens, which will definitely match your dream wedding to a fantasy world of magic!!

Royal Wedding

You’ve been hanging tight always for that grand wedding. Get hitched in élan and feel like an imperial couple on your magnificent wedding. A grandeur wedding would need nothing less than a majestic place as its venue. Discover yours in handmade awesome wedding themes by fnp gardens which add a little drama to your wedding.

Green Wedding

Green a color synonym to nature. The decoration recreates heaven on earth. Enhancing with various types of blooms and other green leaves will make the decor look astonishing. This green wedding will seem as though you have brought nature as your guest. Wedding amidst the beauty and serenity will be your most cherished memory for a lifetime with a distinguished touch.

Rainbow Wedding

A wedding theme with sprinkle of hues for the vibrant couple. Go VIBGYOR with your wedding. Have you fancied an extensive color palate at your wedding decor? Then this is what you would be dreaming of. We Indians are in great adoration of our culture and our culture is surrounded in love with color!

Traditional Wedding

Weddings in India are closely rooted with rituals and beliefs. Devoting yourself to your prince charming in the midst of devotional music, divine aura and priests chanting mantras has its charm. Traditional wedding creates a visually stunning experience signing off with a signature banana leaf meal which triggers every taste bud.

Fusion Wedding

If it is love from two states then it is a fusion of cultures, regions, states and sometimes continents. A little mix of both the cultures can give a resplendent finish to your dream wedding. No big surprise fusion weddings are fun and appreciated. This is a perfect recipe of love blended with variety and joy.

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