5 Simple Steps To Picture Frame The Cross Stitch!!!

5 Simple Steps To Picture Frame The Cross Stitch!!!

Cross Stitch, whenever it hits the mind, everyone thinks of their grandmother working out on her finger to create a lovely and attractive wall hanging. Isn’t it! Talking about today’s world, the cross stitch creation is not limited to our grandma it has come out to be the beautiful work of fine art. Adding such artwork in the picture frames adds to the beauty and keep it new for years.

So if you are little patience then this is the time to be creative and throw your ideas on creating and framing the cross stitch on the wall.

To Create This, You Need The Following Things:

  • Cross Stitch
  • Foamboard
  • Acrylic
  • Frame
  • Spacer

Once you collected all the essentials, then this is the time to start working on creating a beautiful DIY Picture Frames with the Cross stitch.

1. Size Up The Stitch

The first thing to start working is to know the size of the stitch. For this, lay the cross stitch and use the measuring tape, to measure the dimension. Measure edges and avoid considering the dimension of the centre.

Take the right measurement and it is good not to leave loose threads.

2. Pick The Frames

Once you are done with the measurement, it is time to style its beauty in the right kind of picture frames. Explore different types of frames and follow the right tips and recommendations to avoid any mistakes.

Since you are about to frame the artwork, it is better to choose the UV Protective Acrylic that keeps your work fresh and beautiful for years.

3. Pin It      

Now is the time for the little excitement as you are now ready to cross-stitch your artwork in the frame. This is the most important step and is therefore important for you to be a little patient while performing it.

So positions the cross stitches on the foam care carefully and work downwards towards the edge.

Place pins all down the sides and try to keep your work straight.

Keep the equal distance between each pin, usually 1 inch goes the best. Fold the excess material on the backside and pin the folded corner.

4. Add Space

Since you worked hard on placing every thread perfectly it is good to avoid the mistake that can affect its overall look. Smushing it up against the glass or acrylic front can distract the image but you can avoid it easily by placing the acrylic front on the wall and backing it up with the spacers.

The spacers run along the edges and offset the cross stitch from the frame thus maintaining its beauty for years.

5. Time To Display

Once you end up the entire major task discussed above, now is the time to display the artwork.

Pick the right space for your home. If it is small, then you can make it the part of your gallery while the giant and elegant artwork needs to be displayed in another way.

You can make it stand instead of hanging it. Use your ideas and come out with the right way to showcase your artwork to the world.

Wrapping Up

Cross Stitch can be displayed in different kind of frames like metal picture frames or black and white frames.

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