Learn How to Read Al-Qur’an

The Quran is one of the four essential books, which revealed over different Prophets whenever they were sent to people to guide them. The Quran revealed on the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. Being the central text of the religion of Islam, the holy book of the Quran secured a critical position.

Their other books are PSLAM book, Torah and Bible. 114 is the number of Total Surah in the holy book of the Quran. These Surahs revealed in Makkah and Madina.

There is a total of 70 times the word “Quran” is in the Quran. The Quran did not reveal at once on the Prophet Muhammad SAW. It happened in the step-by-step.

With the revelation of every Surah, the beloved companion of the Prophet did not exercise negligence. They rushed to record it as per the direction of Muhammad SAW. Today, we see the arrangement of the Quran, which was arranged by Hazrat Usman(May Allah be pleased upon him ) during his reign.

There are different branches of Knowledge regarding the Quran. One of these is Tajweed. Tajweed is the process in which focus is kept on pronunciation and the necessary meaning.

This is the book that brings us blessings and rewards. We should recite on a daily basis.

Importance of Quran in the holy book of the Quran

The holy book of the Quran is itself an example regarding the significance of the Quran. In several places, the Holy Quran explains its importance as the central text of the religion of Islam. Due to a lot of importance, it is one of the most readable books across the world.

Surah Younus, verse 1, Allah said in the Quran, “ the book of Quran is not (from that book) which is given by other than Allah, This book of Quran verifies the others books revealed on different Prophets and also tries to describe the other books. In which, there is no deceive, (this book) is from the lord of other creations (Jin, insects, and humans).

Allah himself confirmed that there was no deceive in this book. One who will act upon the order of this book, he will surely get success. One who will not act on the advice will surely become fail.

Similarly, in Surah Al-Baqrah, Allah said,” here is the book, there is no doubt in this book, acts as full guidance to those people who be Al-Mutaqoon, the righteous and noble people, who becomes fearful from Allah( saves from those acts which is prohibited by the Allah, and those people who love Allah to a great extent ( offering those deeds about which Allah has given order.”

Allah himself confirmed the book of the Quran as the fountainhead of “Falah.” This verse acts itself as proof.

In Surah Raad, Allah said in the Quran,” the only book is the book of the Holy Quran, which creates a discussion on mankind.”

One who wants to get success in the world and in the eternal world, he should act upon the order given in the Quran.

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To win the favor of God, we should recite it more and more. According to Ahadith, the recitation of the Quran will recommend forgiveness for the person on the Day of Judgment.

Importance of Quran by Ahadith

The recipient of the holy book of Quran was our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. He was provided knowledge by Allah almighty. Who will tell the importance of the Quran in a better way than the Prophet Muhammad SAW?

There are several sayings of our Prophet Muhammad SAW, which clarifies the significance of the Holy Quran.

In a Hadith, Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” this is the book of Quran, no doubt, due to this book, Allah encourages some people similarly makes downgrade some.”

 The book of the Quran is the fountainhead of guidance for us. We should resolve our matters with the help of the Quran.

In a Hadith in which the narrator is unknown, Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” the most trustworthy and reliable book is the book of Allah.”

The book of Allah is the most trustworthy book, which is definite as a significant source of our betterment. We should act upon advice in all the matters related to our life.

Quran Tajweed

Improving or doing better is the meaning of Tajweed of the Quran. Commonly, it uses the meaning of better.

Allah sent us a messenger and revealed the holy book of the Quran on him. It is the book of guidance. It leads to happiness and joy in this world and in the eternal world also. We should recite it and get guidance according to its soul.

Tajweed is the process in which we keep our focus upon the right pronunciation and the meaning of the Quranic terms. Even the people who speak the Arabic language, feel need to learn the rules of Tajweed because the Arabic language of the classical age and of the modern age is very different. That is why they feel the need to establish the base.

So, definitely, the non-Arab reciters feel more need than the Arabic people.

Apparently, there are two reasons for learning Quran Tajweed.

1. Knowing the meaning

The Quran is the book, which is reciting across the world. Arabic and non-Arabic speakers equally recite it even on a daily basis.

It is of utmost importance to Quran learn correctly. For this purpose, we should pay attention to its meaning and its pronunciation. It is necessary for us to know what we are speaking about. That is why; Tajweed is an essential phenomenon for the reciters.

2. Miss pronunciation

Miss pronunciation is another good reason to learn Tajweed. The book of the Quran revealed in the Arabic language. The people who do not speak the Arabic language often subject to miss pronunciation, and also it is impossible for non-Arabic people to learn the Arabic language.

In this condition, we take the help of Tajweed to overcome the mistakes of miss pronunciation.

Benefits of learning Tajweed

There are different benefits to learning Tajweed. Notably, it acts for the people who are non-Arabic.

1. The reciters are the best people

According to a Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW,” one who recites the book of Quran, gives its knowledge to others, these will be the best.”

Prophet Muhammad SAW termed it the best One who preaches the teachings of the Quran. Prophet SAW gave himself the guarantee of the person.

2. The significant number of rewards

According to a Hadith, Prophet SAW said,” One who read one word of the Quran, will get the reward multiplied by 10, I do not want to say that Alf, Laam, and Mem are all one world. Instead, I am saying that there are three different words.”

The promise was made of a massive number of rewards.

3. Satisfaction

The recitation of the Quran gives a lot of happiness and joy with mental satisfaction and serenity. Bura ibn Aazib said that one day a person with his camel, he asked from the Prophet Muhammad SAW that one day he was reciting Surah Al-Waqih. A patch of cloud came and covered me with the camel.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said that it was Sakeenat, which often descends from heaven when the person recites the Quran just for the happiness of God.

4. Way to Paradise

The reciter of the Quran receives a lot of blessings and rewards. A promise of Paradise was made to those people who recite the Quran.

According to a Hadith, Prophet Muhammad said,” one who recites the Quran on a daily basis, will be presented to Allah, Allah will say to him” recite the Quran gradually as well as climbing up the stage of 

Paradise, where the Quran will end, this will be the final destination in Jinnah. “

Prophet Muhammad SAW made himself the promise of Paradise on the recitation of the Holy Book.

Online Quran learning

Information technology has completely turned our direction to a new phase of life. We stuck our eyes within a lot of development.

Collectively or individually, it has revolutionized our life in all directions. In the education field, there is a lot of improvement seen in these ongoing years. The education sector rapidly changes in this current scenario.

Online Quran learning is the best example of information technology.


1. Registration process

The most online registration process is a difficult one. It requires private information. However, this is not happening in the registration process of online Quran learning.

You need to sign up with your name and simple information. You are supposed to select the trial classes.

After trial classes, you can proceed further with paying the fee.

2. The presence of the interactive session

The presence of the interactive session gives us an opportunity to create a working relationship between the students and the teachers. It is necessary to judge the capacity of the class while the students often clear the problem with the lesson in these interactive sessions.

3. Other courses

These forms of online Quran learning just not provide the opportunity to take only online Quran learning classes but some other courses also, for example, online Islamic teachings learning and the course of Tajweed.

4. Able teachers

Those forms provide the facility of a competent teacher, which is highly professional, and degree holder of seminaries.

The hiring of these teachers does after a lot of clearance. These teachers can be the best choice for your purpose.

5. Availability of male and female teachers

It is an essential characteristic of online Quran learning. The availability of male and female teachers can make your choice easy. If you want a female teacher for your ladies, so, you can easily hire them. And, if you want male teachers for the boys, there are available for your ease.

No doubt, Technology has made easy the process of education for the people.

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