Are Golden Retrievers Ideal Breeds For The Elderly?

Are Golden Retrievers Ideal Breeds For The Elderly?

Golden Pets In Golden Years

The elderly often experience depression as a result of living alone. Even if they are fortunate enough to live with their family, they still feel the pangs of old age. Maybe they get lonely with others around as well. It’s very common to hear the elderly complain of how they are ignored, just by dint of their age. Oftener than not, spouses pass on, and physical activity becomes harder as the years pile on. Depression and loneliness can have a dramatically ill effect on the life of the elderly. Is there a solution? Well, yes! Owning a Golden Retriever can alleviate all the pain, emotional and physical, of getting old.

Why A Golden Retriever?

Elderly folk who have recently lost a loved one, or even if they haven’t, relate extraordinarily with Golden Retriever puppies. There are so many good things that come from owning one of these lovely dogs. For starters, seniors have a new purpose. They often can’t find ways to kill time in their golden years. Owning a dog gives them a reason to wake up every day and dedicate their time and effort to something constructive. Golden Retrievers make exceptional companions as they are loyal and give the elderly the much-needed unconditional love they need.

For the elderly who live alone, Golden Retrievers may make excellent friends who have the ability to lift spirits and produce an atmosphere that is more social. For instance, if an elderly person lives alone, he or she can strike a conversation with the neighbours just by talking about the dog.

Before Plunging In

Although owning a Golden Retriever puppy may be a tempting proposition, you may want to consider some things if you’re buying one for an elderly person. You may be the potential owner yourself. They do shed some amount of hair, and since they are large, they require a good deal of exercise as well. If a senior has issues concerning mobility, this may be a problem. Cost is something else to consider as many elderly live on budgets and a pension. Animals have to be well-cared for and their medical needs addressed.

On the plus side, Golden Retrievers are intelligent, loyal and obedient. They have a great deal of unconditional love to give. They are easy to train with rewards, and reinforcement works wonders. These dogs make good guard dogs for the elderly who are living on their own. Many dogs that are assisted-living pets are typically Golden Retrievers.

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