Top 10 Tools To Simplify Content Curation

Content curation and creation are more or less similar in functionality, since both aim for user engagement and traffic.

Curation involves the following:

  • Discovering the content
  • Collating the content, and
  • Presenting the content

The curated content must be specific to your topic, brand and business.

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The function of content curation and content creation is similar since both aim at using content to engage target audiences on social media.

Content creation involves creation of fresh and original content and sharing it within your social circle. It can be both; promotional or non-promotional content.

In order to make yoursocial media marketing plansuccessful, it needs to have these elements:

  • General statement: must acquire 20% of the shared content
  • Fresh content: 30% of the shared content must be original
  • Curated content: 50% of the shared content must be curated

Why Content Curation

The reason why SEO experts Toronto recommend content curation is to keep your business, blog and brand moving ahead.

Content curation saves time and allows you to find interesting things without consuming too much of efforts. You can maintain consistency and remain active on social media. Content curation is a way to build thought leadership in your niche.

So, here are few handy curation tools to make your job a lot easier.

1. DrumUp

Apart from content curation, DrumUp is also a scheduling tool to search the latest content in any industry. The curation tool is free and setting up an account is quite simple as well. As you create an account, the tool asks you to enter relevant keywords.

On the basis of the entered keywords, it generates personalized content to you on timely basis. The keywords can be edited and search results can be refined any time.

You can connect to social networks using your DrumUp account, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. As far as connecting social network is concerned there is no limit. You can also schedule as many post as you like, without restriction.

DrumUp also allows you to add custom posts and blog feeds to the queue.

Android app of DrumUp is also available.


You can use to find articles related to your audience’s interests. It is based on keyword research. The curation tool suggests blogposts, articles and other relevant content across all the resources on the internet.

You can personalize articles using “suggestion” feature and add one or two lines while sharing it online. The curation tool also allows you to share one post on multiple social platforms. You can have it as a browser button, and it’s also available as Android and iOS app.

3. Klout

While curation is its basic function but the reason for popularity is Klout Score it assigns to your social media accounts. The more active you are, the more score you will get. Other than curation and scheduling posts, Klout can be utilized for analyzing social media accounts.

4. InoReader

It is a handy tool, an RSS reader with automation option, enabling you to categorize and tag content. It offers a free search option from its large content library.

The best about InoReader is unlimited archives. You can find old and popular posts curated years ago from its archives and re-curate if you like.

This content curation tool is available as iOS, Windows and Android app.

5. Prismatic

With Prismatic, you can curate latest news from reliable sources. The curation tool analyzes feeds and social network posts and suggest the content that matches your interest.

This tool consists of over 5 million pieces of archives and shares over 10,000 stories a day. This amazing tool is available for Android and iOS devices.

6. Feedly

No worries if Google has shut down its Google Reader as Feedly has the potential to replace it. It’s an straightforward RSS reader that adds value to the articles shared. Posts and articles reflect the number of shares on Feedly and readers can gauge how popular the content is.

Feedly is manual tool that works like your inbox. It notifies you about the content relevant to your interest, across all the websites.

Feedly is available in a variety of formats, including Kindle app.

7. SmartBrief

This curation tools is smart enough to summarize long articles for you. You can search the content from a variety of categories including health, marketing, technology etc.

You literally don’t have to do anything for curation as it offers summarize version with a link to original source.

Another feature; you can opt for a category and you will receive daily news (summaries or articles) regarding the content in it.

SmartBrief can be downloaded as iOS app or Android app.

8. Medium

Whether it’s a story creation or content curation, you can rely on Medium. The main interface is the website, as this tool emphasizes on creating own stories. So, if you’re a content developer, Medium is a must-have tool for you.

The website comes with a bookmark tool that can be installed for free. So, when you’re on something really inspiring, click on the bookmark tool, and it will take you to the writing interface where you can develop it. The bookmark tool also links the page to remind you where you got the content from.

9. Flipboard

What is you want to see your content in magazine form? What if you share a magazine full of information around your brand, instead of sharing individual content? That’s certainly a unique and impressive way of sharing something with your audience.

Flipboard helps you search published stories from a massive database of over 10 million content pieces. It offers a bookmarklet that allows you to save sharable content while surfing.

10. Pocket

Pocket is another manual tool, just like Feedly. It enables you to save something you had interest in, then refer to it later, after finishing your work. Pocket is available for all major platforms and allows you to switch between tools.

You can share the curated content directly with Pocket.