What Is Fair Trade Coffee And What Are The Benefits Of It?

There is a term within the commercial coffee industry that has been growing in popularity as more and more customers have begun asking for it in particular whenever they order their favourite café beverages. That term is ‘Fair Trade’ and it is used to identify coffee that is Fair Trade certified and that meets International Fair Trade standards.

Fair Trade International regulates the system of producing and selling goods. So, the producer, workers, community, environment and consumers are fairly treated. It ensures sustainability. Most Fair Trade certified coffee products are organic and because Fair Trade standards are more comprehensive, Fair Trade coffee is often more expensive. However, there are significant benefits you can get from Fair Trade coffee.

The Benefits Of Fair Trade Coffee

Environmental Stability- Fair Trade standards eliminate the use of toxic agrochemicals, such as pesticides and industrial fertilizers. Fair Trade coffee farmers and plantations use sustainable and green methods to make sure that the natural environment is preserved for generations to come.

Fair Price- Fair Trade regulations provide a base price for various products. Workers who work in the plantation get adequate compensation and consumers are able purchase the product at reasonable prices.

Support Workers And Local Communities- Fair Trade standards make sure that workers receive a proper living wage. It’s against the system’s standards to leave workers with only a bare minimum salary, which may not be enough for education, medical care, shelter and food. When you purchase goods from Fair Trade producers, you invest some of the money back to the local community. The certification makes sure that local culture and customs won’t be affected by the cultivation and production of coffee. Local communities might receive development initiatives for healthcare, housing, leadership training, women’s programs and education.

Healthier And Better Flavour- Fair Trade coffee is also healthier and it tastes better. The global demand for coffee is increasing and this leads to a general reduction of the quality of coffee, due to industrial plantations and production. Organic coffee is grown slower, in a sustainable manner, often under the rain forest canopy, without any massive clearing.  There’s no harsh chemical used during the processing phase. The soil is nourished using green fertilizers, such as compost, so it gets complex and complete nutrients. As the plant gets more complete nutrients, this will result in a smoother and more robust flavour. Coffee cultivated using green methods also contains more minerals and active ingredients, which will contribute positively to your overall health.

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