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Just a decade ago, it was strange for the average person to say that he was storing something in the cloud. What is this cloud and where? And how does it store our information? Well, surely every revolutionary technology goes through a stage where it sounds almost inapplicable. Until it becomes simple, everyday convenience for all of us according to enterprise cloud solution for Oracle JD Edwards.

In this article, we will look at trends that are about to change cloud software, also known as cloud computing. Let’s first get acquainted with some basic concepts and benefits.

  • What Is Cloud?

Generally speaking, it’s about storing your information on the Internet instead of locally on a computer. In a broader sense, this is the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS). In distant times, something similar happened to the water supply. And now, instead of having wells that supply the water to each individual household, we have a sewer that carries the water from a place outside our homes.

In software, one of the first such services are email. Many of these types of services have always been in the cloud, i.e. somewhere on the internet, not on our own computer. In the last 10 years, this model has been embedded in almost every software. We play games that are somewhere on the web, and we use communication applications on a similar principle.

Whether you are running applications that share photos with millions of users or support the critical operations of your business, the cloud platform provides quick access to flexible IT resources at low cost.

This way, you don’t have to make big hardware investments and spend a lot of time managing it, which requires a lot of money, time and staffing. Instead, you can provide exactly the type and size of computer resources you need. In fact, you can access as many resources as you need almost immediately and only pay for what you use.

Cloud software provides an easy way to access servers, storage, databases and a wide range of services and applications over the Internet. The cloud services platform you choose to use owns and maintains the network-connected hardware needed for those services while you easily use this through a web application.

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  • What Are The Benefits?

The incentive for business is huge. Instead of investing huge amounts of money in data centers and servers, before you know how to use them at all, you can only pay when you consume computing resources. And for as much as you consume.

Plus, you don’t have much need for infrastructure. In the past, it often turned out that you were dealing with too expensive resources or limited capacity. In this case, such problems disappear. In addition, you have the option to increase and decrease the resource as needed, in just a matter of minutes.

Among other advantages is that the speed and flexibility of the workflow is noticeably increased. In the time of cloud services, new IT resources are just a click away. Find us on Google and Tupalo.

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