Sun Signs And Netflix Shows


This is the dreamiest sign and hence the best Netflix show for people belonging to this sign is ‘The Sinner’. This show has amazing shots of the actress in water.

Pisces love this show as it navigates truth and reality, boundaries and imprisonments, loss and faith. It is also an ethereal masterpiece.


The people belonging to this sign adore sci-fi and hence, can indulge their imaginations when cool robots appear. The best shows for them is ‘Lost In Space’ or the very recent ‘Altered Carbon’.

Aquarius are pretty futuristic and quirky. Thus, they can also get a slice of supernatural elements through ‘The X Files’. They can opt for ‘Ram Das Going Home’, which is a documentary that showcases acid researchers exploring the reality of consciousness and death.


This sign loves shows which are thrilling, fast paced, bloodthirsty, full of drama and have a sadistic twist. Thus, the show most appropriate for them is ‘Mind hunters’.

Aries belong to the fire sign and the main reason for them to like this show is the plot on which the show is based. It is a true story of an FBI crime team who try to understand the most dangerous psychopaths and serial killers.


The natives belonging to this sign are pretty sensitive and can have a good cry while watching a movie. One of the best shows for them is ‘Call The Midwife’. Any emotional drama can be best suited for them.

Apart from this Cancer will love to watch ‘Sense8’ which revolves around how a group of strangers around the world with supernatural powers can work together.


Capricorns will love ‘Queen Of Shops’. This is based on how Mary Portas turns retailers with huge fortunes around. This a three-part series and is very short and sweet.

Not only will it keep this sign entertained but also inspire this sign’s professional goals. The protagonist’s natural business mindset and work ethic will teach the people belonging to this sign certain skills.


The people belonging to this sign are very creative and want shows which have good content, keep them entertained and satisfy their field of interests. They love shows with strong lead character and would hence like ‘Amateur’.

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This show is new on Netflix and is based on a 14-year-old basketball player. Another show for Leo is ‘The Crown’ which spent $130 million dollars on its making.


They are the keenest thinkers and are the one’s whop require the most mind stimulation. Gemini might love shows based on political drama and can hence opt for ‘House Of Cards’.

The final season of this show also got released recently and might be of interest for the natives belonging to this sign. They can also consider watching Dare Devil, Lucifer, Gossip Girls and the Magicians.


Libras love movies based on relationships as the people belonging to this sign are considered to be pretty romantic. Hence, the show best suited for them is ‘Troy: Fall Of A City’.

This show highlights the love affair between Paris and the very famous Helen Of Troy. This sign governs legal proceedings too and hence can consider watching ‘Terrace House’.


The people belonging to this sign love comedy, light hearted shows. They have a very philosophical, mind too and should consider watching ‘Wild Wild Country’. This is a true story behind guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

‘New Legends Of Monkeys’ can also be a good show for Sagittarius. They will love it for all the adventurous middle ground that this show covers.


The natives belonging to this sign love shows which are dark, brooding, private and suspicious. Hence, ‘Gypsy’ is just the show for Scorpio. This is an intense psycho-drama.

It has a lot of manipulation in it but did not get converted into a new season. This sign would like to check off ‘Black Mirror’ from their watch list.


Taurus has superior sense and will get mesmerized by culinary shows. Hence, the show most apt for this sign is ‘Chef’s Table’, it is a feast for the eyes and will leave the people belonging to this sign craving for a snack after watching this show.

Apart from this, ‘Money Heist’ can also be considered as this sign finds interest in shows related to finance and material planes.


This sign will love binge watching the show that they like. This sign loves to bring order to chaos. They should indulge in the wellness and diet documentary section. No particular show is suitable for them.

Virgo should explore genres instead of a particular show.

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