Out-Of-Work Boilermaker & A Park Ranger Became Super Rich Instantly

Sometimes, just luck is enough to turn our lives upside-down overnight! So many of us dream to get rich in an instant so that we could stop working and live a lavish lifestyle without worrying about our economic situation! Having a steady job that pays well isn’t always enough to fulfill all your desires. When income starts to recede, it is natural for one to feel pressurized. But, imagine not having to worry this much! Imagine waking up one morning to a fortune that you could call yours with no strings attached! Before you decide to assume that this is just a far-fetched dream, here is a real-life story to testify.

In an interesting turn of events that happened with a family in New Jersey, which included a laid-off boilermaker and a ranger at the federal park who was given leave due to a recent shutdown, the family won a lottery amounting to about INR 2,09,88,75,000! William Smith, a father of two, bought a golden pick-6 lottery ticket, with the money he had borrowed from this mother at the local liquor store. He couldn’t believe his luck when he hit the jackpot. He immediately called up his sister to confirm the numbers and when she did, the whole family was on cloud nine.

The family planned to go on an extravagant vacation to Italy owing to their love for food and wine. They admitted that they were extremely simple people without any great desires. They only had plans to travel the world and experience life at its best. The 28-year old boiler maker, William said he was not sure even if he should work or not but insisted that he would still keep looking for work until he finds something concrete. The family seemed to have a rough year and was delighted that this win would definitely bring them a much-needed break and relief from their situation. They opted for the lump sum to be released and divided between all the family members!

The winners were announced a day after William bought the ticket and when they came to know it was from the same shop, their excitement knew no bounds. Eddy Wines and Liquors, the shop that sold the ticket, also received a bonus of INR 7 lakh for selling out the jackpot.

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