Pre Purchase Car Inspection Seattle

Inspect That Used Car Properly and Efficiently Before Thinking of Buying

No form of car purchasing advice is more often disregarded than this: Getting a mechanic access a used vehicle before you purchase it. Why do purchasers plunk down a lot of money on a car? Why do consumers flump thousands of bucks on an automobile with a very little associate in nursing around-the-block, taking a look at the drive and a look beneath the hood? Three reasons often prevent a vehicle buyer from taking this vital step. Pre purchase car inspection Seattle will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and set a more correct price during bargaining.

When your car gets to our garage for inspection, our mechanics will insert it on a lift and search for any form of fluid leaks under the car. Mobile inspectors can’t do this.

We will check the brake pads and tire wear so you can see if these expensive parts need to be changed.

Some consumers are not aware of the fact that fantastically used car inspections are available. And lots of these buyers do not want to pay that extra fee for an examination.

Our vehicle inspection

With a little planning, the inspection process can be simple, not to mention as revealing as a hidden-camera exposé. If the inspection report is clean, you can buy with increased confidence. If it unearths ugly problems, you can back away or negotiate a lower price to reflect the cost of repairs.

With very little planning, the inspection procedure can be easy, not to the mention the fact that a lot of hidden faults are going to be exposed. We make sure our inspection report is neat so that you can purchase with total confidence.

Most of these sellers won’t let, or advice you to take the car for inspection either at her place of business or at their homes. If the seller insists, it means he or she might be hiding something you may consider backing out from the deal.

Pre purchase car inspection offers mobile inspection services which are fast and convenient. We come to your house or the seller’s place of abode to carry out the inspection on site, and a report is made on the spot. Our inspectors also take pictures of any damage, taking photos of the car in question from various angles.

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