Temperature Monitoring In Food Service

This is the moment of truth. Main courses, sauces, side dishes or desserts have been prepared, all temperatures are in order and the quality is right. Now the dishes are being offered to guests in refrigerated counters, heated displays or hot buffets. In order to make sure the temperatures are spot on here too, the right measurement technology is needed. Because who wants to eat warm salads or cold meat?

Measurement method

Most refrigerated furniture and warming appliances have integrated temperature sensors. However, in order have real certainty, and to monitor the temperature at the serving counter continuously, the use of a temperature data logger is worthwhile.

Recommended measuring instrument

Mini temperature data logger testo 174 T
• Measurement data memory for 16,000 temperature readings, approx. 500 days of battery life
• HACCP-compliant and certified according to EN 12830
• Data analysis: three possible software versions to choose from, basic software available as a free download

Check out the mini temperature data logger from Testo Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia.

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