Why You Should Consider Wellbeing Training for Employees?

Why You Should Consider Wellbeing Training for Employees?

Thinking of helping employees recover from the trauma of the last few years? Wellbeing training can help.

The last few years have been tough for all of us. Many people have found themselves suddenly in need of a new job after their businesses, careers, and industries went bust. Many more still have switched to remote work full time, meaning they have converted small corners of their kitchens to home offices. They are working under conditions they have only just adjusted to, two years or more on from the onset of the crisis.

Something surprising happened after it was safe to return to work. Many businesses chose to remain remote. It saved on overheads, production improved in some places, and cloud computing has allowed huge leaps in digital workspaces. As we move deeper into this world of remote working and learning, we are treading water in a whole new set of problems. One of them is the old adage. Work-life balance is being negatively impaired.

What is Well-Being Training

Well-being training for employees tackles these negative feelings regarding work and the home life environment. For many of us who are struggling, well-being training teaches us how to maintain the balance so that we are at our most productive at work, while still keeping home time as time to be at home.

Well-being training allows us to learn how we can make small changes to our working lives and home lives, that benefit both our mental health and our ability to be at ease in either. It contains self-care advice for employees and helps them develop healthy routines that essentially prevent the long term development of stress related illnesses.

One of the best things about the provision of this type of course is that huge organisations offer it online, for free. Look at Hays Wellbeing Online Training, for example. They provide paid training for educators as well as offering free courses that help staff stay sane in the face of this global trauma.

Offering Mental Health Benefits Makes You An Attractive Employer - Work It Daily

The Benefits of Well-Being Training

What are the benefits of well-being training? Asides from a happier employee, you can take advantage of the following benefits.

Decreased Staff Turnover

Members of staff with a better work – life balance are those who stick around for longer. A stressed employee is likely to leave, whereas one who has had wellbeing training can self-manage when times get tough. Forbes have additional tips on reducing employee turnover.

Reduction in Absences

If your employees can self-manage their own mental health through wellbeing training, they benefit from less stressful roles. The result of less stressful roles is a reduction in absenteeism caused by stress. Stress caused 822,000 employees to stay absent from work in the 2020/21 session.

Better Reputation

Besides anything else, an employer who looks after their employees is one everyone wants to work for. Wellbeing training allows your employees to self-manage but it also sets you apart as an employer of merit. People will speak highly of you when they do move on and staff retention will be altogether better.

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