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There is a phrase that exists and implies, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This is certain but each people has a different explanation of beauty. But while there is certainly some personal preferences in interpreting the beauty as how they see it, like designs, they have to display and show up what it got to be beautiful in the visitors’ eyes. There are studies that could help the web designer to have natural and consistent beauty in how designs are perceived by human minds. This is where psychology and scientist come out. They make supporting ideas on how to extract beauty from one thing so people could inherently react to good design from dragging it. As every piece of thing in this world possesses beauty and that is a natural beauty, then we just need to emphasize or pull what is that beauty to be recognized. Because of the originality of anything, there is a difference that makes one thing outstanding from the others. Though there are standards, this is set to make the beauty is not exceeding or inadequate. But as for everyone, there is a beauty that each possesses and that is certain.  On the other hand, beauty is set such as the design with elements. And the element for the website design is the color, shape, and size. The beauty of the design is built with the said elements and can create a consistent visual language.

Designing design is like composing good grammar. Like making good grammar for any language, people used to communicate by using words that will build sentences with proper punctuation and producing spelling and following rules of grammar. Of course, there are people who are more equipped and skilled in using this language than others. But what more important is there is a composition that could make thought to express using words and it can be understood by anyone. Like any other design, there is a composition that has possesses and follows the rules of designing in order to be looked good and be understood by its own design. And of course, we cannot escape from the judgment. If there is a criterion on good grammar, there is a judgment viewer on every design. Like the website design Brisbane, though it is hard to find a good design for the business, yet the company still wanted to pursue the best for the growth and development of the business. Like there are people who are expert in using specific language and other is not, the same thing with designing a website design. All may not be equally skilled in communicating visually, web designers are trained to speak in the language of their field. Their people who know on their own but there are people or professionals in the said field about working on it properly. Gifted and professional designers know how their clients and understand their clients on the design that each wanted to portrait upon designing it. Therefore, it is very necessary to invest in professional designers to make a well-designed website design that can communicate effectively with the customer’s needs. This Web design has to possess and displays things that are positive and will surely help the business to grow.

To have a website design well done, there are characteristics that it shows and these are the following: usability, navigation, conversion, professionalism, friendliness, and search engine optimization. The design has an enormous influence on how easy it is for visitors to find what they’re looking for from the website design. Somehow, the website is the easiest way for people to find the thing that keeps on looking for. Usability is the first factor that compromises web design. The web design should make things easy and as soon as possible be found by the searcher or otherwise they will have frustration and the potential customer might go away from the website and never come again even for a second glance. We have to consider using the standard conventions such as putting the primary information and services in the main navigation and featuring the contact number and email address at the upper-right-hand corner of the site. Even the website functions perfectly, there is a bad website design that can make the user feel it is harder to use or find what they need. There must be an aesthetically pleasing design which is worked better for the user to use and this goodness impacts both usability of the website and the perception of the visitors to use it too. Another is navigation which is the most important element of web design. The navigation simply implies that making the website design simple is making it easy to navigate.  As a good rule of thumb, better to make some limits for the options on the website design to make it less confusing to the visitors. Another important character of good web design is conversion. Good web design helps guide the user’s eyes to look for what they are looking for. On the website, its design can attract attention to special offers such as promo, highlight calls to action, and help users identify buttons and clickable elements. All these things can help drive users to take the actions they want. Conversion in the marketing world is making the visitor become the potential customer and that is the great thing about hooking their attention or drawing their attention.   In conversion, it best if almost all the visitors are hooked and be converted into customers.

computer-monitor-with-web-page-leafs-decoration-illustration-design_24877-63607.jpg (626×531)

Another thing that could make the website well-done is it maintaining its professionalism. With professionalism, there will be build trust from the visitors. Design that looks modern and professional tend to encourage trust from the viewers, on the other hand, those which are poorly designed website might make someone doubt with the legitimacy because of lack of professionalism in the website and there will be no trust from the viewers at all. Of course, even not a human, there must be a sense of professionalism and being friendly. The design must be professional yet friendly to every visitor as it welcoming the visitor to be with the page and keep on browsing. Since the visitors now are using mobile phones for browsing, the website design itself has to be mobile-friendly. Web designers get caught up in making a website look perfect on desktop – like they would a brochure. But good website design must go well beyond a single screen. In today’s mobile-friendly world, you need a responsive website design that will make your website look and function great on devices of all sizes, It is important to make the website design responsive at any kind of screen resolutions or viewports. And finally is the search engine optimization where great design is not just about the visual elements on the fronts up to endings.  There, the website design may look great when it comes to its aesthetic aspect but with complicated or too many large images that made it slow to load, then the same thing the outdated website, people will turn their view off of the website page. This kind of way may negatively impact search engine optimization which is very important for the website as it is the level of greatness of the website on the list from the browsing online. It only reflects the level of the website, once the level is on one up to three, and then it reflects that the website has many search optimization and most visited, rather than displaying successful website design.

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